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CateMarch 15, 2002

I was following what I thought was a very healthy vegetarian diet for over a year but could not shake chronic sinus problems. I finally went in for allergy tests. I am allergic to soy, beef, cats, dogs and mold. I was stunned. How can one follow a healthy veg diet without soy?

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Are you vegan? Because if you are not, you can get all the nutrients you need without soy. I don't like soy in any form, but still follow a healthy vegetarian diet. Just substitute other kinds of beans for soy to replace the protein. Dairy products have a lot of protein also. That's really what you eat soy for- the protein. So it's really easy to avoid it, at least at home.

What kind of stuff did you eat that contained soy? Maybe we know some specific alternatives.

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I get plenty of protein from wheat. My diet is based on pasta and bread, and I rarely eat soy. Other grains are high in protein too.

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