cardboard barrel

bewdleySeptember 28, 2006

I have a cardboard barrel that I want to convert to a standup table base. Where i am thwarted is-how to I make it stable enough to hold a top, because it is so light weight I am afraid it will topple.

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what are you going to do? justcover it with cloth a curtain
or table cloth? or paint it ?
Is it for a lamp, something light weight etc.
if this is the case why not just using something from around the house, yard etc.
by adding weight to bottom third you will make it stable enough for a end table.
weight while I just assume everyone has as much junk as me lol. you may not .
what ever I used I would put it in a lg garbage first then place in bottom.
items for use ... a bag of sand ,a 99cent bag of dirt,
gravel from the driveway, bricks , extra clothes stacked up in it will work but not be that heavy at the bottom ,
books, magazines, cans of paint, jugs of water ,old milk jugs or laundry soap bottles filled with water are heavy then fill with clothes.
Kind of suprised this has not been shown here (old cardboard barrels) this is an old one that is used on stage sets and by room designers for instant decoration.
a friend in k.c who was a seamstress that made custom drapes used these all over her house because where her husband worked(with me) threw out a lot of them .
she used them as tables and bases by grouping 2,3,4 together then tieing them with rope for a base
but she also used them to diplay different fabrics so clients could see them .
I was apainter and painted a lot of them for her and took a bunch home for my bro,s and mine apt.

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I am planning on painting it and putting an actual round top on it. I want it to be kindof a moveable table near my dartboard so it will need to hold your drink and dart case, thats all.
Books would be a good idea because I have lots of those- I suppose I could cut some kind of door in the side for access.
We throw tons of these barrels out at work too and it really bugs me because I know they could have other uses.I like the idea of several together as well.
How did you paint yours? Faux? Solid?

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I just acquired several of these cardboard barrels and am looking for ideas to use them for. I thought about toy boxes, and stools (for light people). I like the idea of a table. Painting? I thought of that, but wondered if the paint would soften the cardboard. I am considering covering the outside with fabric. Any input on this?

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I make tables for in and outdoors...if wind is an issue outside, put several bricks in the bottom of barrel to keep it in one spot :0) I also make "plant stands" from chairs no longer safe to set on (wobble)..

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These would look cute painted different colors and stacked sideways in a child's room to hold toys, shoes, etc.

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We use them as bedside tables. The tableclothes for those little tables fit perfectly and hang to the floor just right! My hubby uses a jigsaw to cut a circle out of wood--he cuts it about 1-2 inches bigger than just lay it on the top, put on the tablecloth, and you are good to go!! We store magazines, stuffed animals, out of season clothes, etc in them! No one knows the difference!! Great storage and way to hide things!Oh--and you can always add the piece of glass that you can buy at walmart, etc to the top!
NEVER had any problem with them tipping over!!
Good Luck!!

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Hey, where can I get some of these?

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I have Mom's old cardboard and wooden barrel. I have summer/winter clothes in one and not current tablecloths etc in the other . Each has a wooden round on top and a long round skirt. They are used as corner lamp tables.

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