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catlady15September 12, 2005

This may not be the right place to post this but I am in need of some help.I collect puses and I have many like over a 100/s.what,how can i store them,I thought about a coat tree but i would need alot of them.,i have them in plastic boxes but they look too pile up.So can anyone think of me a good ideal.thanks judy

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ok I give up, what exactly is a puse?

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Purses? Is that it? LOL. I often leave out letters when I'm typing. Must not press down hard enough all the time.

I don't know if I could collect purses because when displayed they would have to be dusted and I hate to dust but still if that is your thing - where there is a will, there is a way.

You know what a Shaker peg rack is? I see them in craft stores all the time. Not too expensive and they are easy to paint up. The pegs are usually 4 or more inches apart and have a knob type ending so things don't slip off too easily.

If I had to display purses and they had handles I'd get three or so of these Shader peg racks and paint them the color of the wall I was going to attach them to and go for it. Paint a couple of coats of paint on the racks, finish off with two coats of Minwax polycrylic and put them on the wall one above the other (and other and other) and hang purses to my hearts content.

You already have a lot of purses so you might consider hanging only evening purses in the winter, straw purses for summer, colored purses for spring, or just single colors of purses per season, (single shades of one color displays are supposed to be the most eye pleasing) and so on. You'd rotate your collection and could dust them before you put them away (what's three months of dust, eh?) Ta Da!

The hardest part might be deciding how far apart to hang the peg racks but you could masking tape a few up on the wall or masking tape like sizes of dark paper on the wall to see how it would look before you start. You'd know if you liked the look or not!


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Jois, Great idea on the shaker peg racks. And they don't cost that much. I saw in a magazine where they had some old vintage purses hanging on the wall. It was a cute display. I like the idea of changing out the purses with the seasons. I think they would be neat displayed with them opened and having some old gloves or scarves hanging out of them. I have also seen floral arrangements made in them. You could do them in silk and change with the seasons. If you would like them all out, how about dispaying them in different rooms. In the bathroom you could have guest towels in them. Use them to display some magazines. This way you are displaying them and they are also being useful. Would love to see pics of your collection.

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sorry guys i have had carpel tunnel surgery and waiting to have another one.i am leaving letterws out but can't hekp it.please bear with me and try to make out what i am hands are very painful.YES PURSES HANDBAGS!!Thanks Firstjois for letting javern understand what i was trying to type.,i am glad you caught on to it and you over looked my mistake.thanks for your help.i will take your ideals and figure out how to store my puses oops purses.judy

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If you just want to store them, how about some of those big Rubbermaid containers. You could sort them by color.

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I think the most beautiful of them would look pretty hung on old glass doorknobs screwed into a painted piece of wood or a "frame" of some kind.

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Some great display ideas here, Judy. Maybe what you may need to do is store most of them, and have just a portion of them on display at a time... preferably a 'theme' grouping... pastels at Easter, red-white-blue for patriotic holidays, those with tooled leather together, those with rhinestones/sequins/glitz together... and so on. That way you could really enjoy them for their beauty, a few at a time.

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Yeah, what Confetti said, Judy! LOL

Hope you're feeling better, girl!

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I really like Jois idea... displaying them by season or color. Are they vintage purses?

I just saw a jewelry making show where the artist stored her silver in a little purse.

I have two beaded purses that belonged to my mom... they just hang on the hall tree. But each of them have little keepsakes in them... junk jewelry, white gloves from the 40's, a handkerchief, etc. My daughters used them for their proms so they're extra meaningful now.

Here's an idea for six purses... You're on your own for the other 94 :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I like the window panes with purses - each one gets its own frame but they look good grouped, too.


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Well, isn't THAT shabby chic cute!? I like that look.

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