I can't trash my fan!

mjowestSeptember 16, 2007

Hi T2T folks!

I'm a garden junk Junkie, but love to lurk over here.

We have a plastic fan that has finally bit the dust. I want to take it apart, and try to use as many pieces as possible.

What about painting plastic? I know there are paints and spray paints out there, but I haven't had successes with them.




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I've never painted plastic- but oh the things you could do with it!

You could use the safety covers (grates) to put in the yard for climbing plants. You could use the fan blades and turn them into big pinwheels- just attach a stake for them to go on. If it is one of the box fans you could use the metal box housing unit for a mini flower bed.

Now you have me wanting to look for junked fans!

Good Luck and let us know what you decide to do!

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I usually spray the plastic I am working on with a paint made for plastic. Using this as my primer, I paint the plastic with any other type paint that I want to use for my project. I saw somewhere (sorry no pix) they took four fan blades, took off the hardware and filled the holes with wood putty, let it dry, and sanded. Then they turned the blades with the rounded edges up, side by side and drilled holes for hinges or laces. They painted them (actually I think they crackled them) and then laced them together so they looked like a mini room divider when they stood them up. They hooked small framed pictures all over them. I hope you can understand from my poor attempt at directions. I know it is hard to do without a picture. It really looked unique.

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If you wipe clean plastic down with vinegar (and let it dry)before you attempt to paint with the Fusion paints, it works much better!!!
The front grill part of a fan makes a great fruit basket in the kitchen!!
The blade always looks cute mounted on a stake in the garden...cute flower and it turns in the breeze.

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I've used Krylon Fusion myself and it's great.

I did a rubber baseboard in my bathroom a couple of years ago and it ended up looking so, so much fresher and better. And it's held up to the moisture in the bathroom, too.


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Here are a few links for ceiling fan blade ideas that I found.



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My BF has a 'thing' with old fan blades. He once put them up on the handlebars of his bicycle, so they turned in the wind as he was riding along. OK, he didn't keep them much longer than a week, as it was a bit too childish (it reminded me of the colourful windmills on a stick for babies) but it was quite hilarious fun while it lasted. He now still has two on a stack on his balcony. But I think he still has a front grill there too. I like the idea of using that as a fruit basket. He needs one.
The last fan he demolished was a floor model and I still intend to 'steal' the foot of it to put up my polystyrene Greek imitation statue I found a while ago (it should stand by itself, but it keeps falling).

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Oh what great ideas! thanks!

I'll let you know what I do- I need to get it back from my ten year old son- he has it in his junk collection in the barn.

And DH wonders where DS gets it from...


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Found two out in DH's old shed and painted and hung them on fence. Then painted leaves and vines up to them and they make cute flowers.

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I had a pedestal fan that went bad this summer. The base became a flower pot holder. I used metal curtain hangers to hook the handles of the 'pots'(the pots are really cheapo kids sand buckets.)
The cage was the kind that is spoked= painted yellow with a brown center it is now a hanging 'sunflower'. I am going to put coca liners in it and make a hanging planter.
And of course the blades got painted white with a yellow center (I don't know yet how the paint will hold up) but it is now a daisy whirlygig.

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