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aceyMarch 14, 2002

I bought a small bag athe grocery store. They are white, and have been salted. Because they are so thin, it seems like an exercise in futility to shell them. I can eat them this way, but wanted to shell a few to sprinkle on a pasta recipe, where I don't think the whole seed would be appealing.

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Guess you all were as blank on this as I! I'm just nibbling them from the bag!

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Acey, maybe you could tell us what they are? I am assuming from your description that they are white and salted that they are pumpkin seeds.


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Ann T:
Last week I made a recipe that called for smoked turkey and some canned pumpkin in a sauce over pasta. They said to sprinkle on seeded pumpkin seeds over the finished dish, if desired. Well, I thought, OK, and went to the regular grocery. (Now that I think about it, maybe a health food store would have offered a better seed.) Bought a bag of pumpkin seeds, but it was ridiculous to try to seed them. So I didn't sprinkle them on the recipe, ans am just eating them as the salty snack they are.

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it seems to me that my mom used to put them in a big bowl and pour boiling water over them to pop them open; but don't quote me on that! i bet Martha Stewart has a handy tip for this one!

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Well, now! That would make sense! Thanks!

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I salt them and roast them until they pop, then use the whole seed (unpeeled) as garnish on soups and salads. They taste better and are crunchy instead of chewy, and they don't look unappetizing.

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