Sink oval - should lights and faucets be round or square?

gardenmax-2008August 22, 2008

Our bathtub is oval and the sinks are oval so does that mean the taps should be round? Would square be disconcerting on the eye?? What about light fixtures? Again should they be round or can they be square? Should the whole darn room be round? What a dilemna.

I sure would appreciate any and all of your comments. My husband says we can do whatever we want cuz it is our hosue and we make the rules. That is true to some extent but you don't want your house to not feel right when all you had to do was figure out these little designer tricks and you have it.

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Your husband is a genius. Do what you want, it's your house. If it looks good together, forget those "little designer tricks," wherever and whomever they are.

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I picked all squared out fixtures in chrome for my new bathroom, even the hand held bath sprayer is square; I like to pay attention to details like that, when possible. My sinks are square also, my bath is rectangular.

My mirrors are oval, the overall visual is pleasing; it's my house and I can do what I want, but my designer forced me to do this when we were picking things out in the showroom, darn him and his little designer tricks, lol........

In your case, I would pay more attention to the shape of the faucets, since they are right next to the oval sinks ; the light fixture could be different.

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Oh my, I never even thought about the shape of these things, I just bought what I thought looked good. I think you should do the same. Keeping with the same style throughout the room should dictate things, I believe, not always this matchy matchy of everything, which can get boring. I'm sure you will do fine in your selections.

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My husband says anything goes it is our house. I love square everything, but that doesn't dismiss the fact that the bathtub is an undermount oval built into a square or rectangle wood cabinet if you will. Please help. Any thoughts are so appreciated.

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I think you should look at pictures of finished bathrooms and observe what shapes are in it, did they mix everything or go with a trend of all square, all rounded, or not........
most bathtubs are oval and their platforms are usually rectangle so either one will do.

in picking faucets, etc.... most lines offer many coordinating products, I would personally start with faucets, tub filler etc... and go from there; If you are placing lights around your mirror , then that would be another line of products so coordinating it to your taps would be ideal, imo.

I think the objective is to coordinate, not necessarily match but you have to start somewhere.

There is more variety and choice in the rounded shapes than the squares, if that's any help.

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Agree that you should do what pleases your eye etc! But as we are just getting done answering this very question I thought I'd throw in my .02 and pics.

First: What are you doing about mirrors? That can really influence what to do. For the sake of argument, I'll assume one long mirror.

Second: Are your oval sinks in a square or rectangular vanity? In that case I think it can certainly look very nice to have that hard angle (vanity) -- soft curve (sink) -- hard angle (faucet) look, and then to mimic the sinks' curves with a rounded light. Inverting it could work too -- sinks and faucets rounded, vanity and lights squared.

Third: Is the shape of your room pretty much a square (more flexible IMO), or is it rectangular?

We gutted our old bath and boy, those blank slate questions can be so hard! I actually designed my small bathroom around old glass doors that had both squares and rectangles. The ~ 6x11 room shape creates a skinny rectangle and the windows are rectangular, so I used square tile to try to make the room less narrow/more proportionate.

We're about 95% done....

When we found an oval vanity and mirror that would be perfect, I had the same "round or square" debate you did. In my particular room it just seemed rounder/curved faucets would work better to counteract all the 90 degree angles that existed and that were added (painted-by-me cabs etc).

My lights split the difference: semi-circular to reference the sink/vanity shape, but with rectangular backing plate.

Oval mirror's not up yet, but I wanted the rectangle shape against the oval. Then I'm using some squared-off fittings (towel hook, soap dish holder) near the oval vanity.

I certainly think you can mix and match to get in those square shapes you love! Aside from the sink handles matching the shower lever, my stuff is from various manufacturers. I just kept the hardware in the same polished chrome/polished blue-toned nickel.

Good luck with your project! Thought we'd never get through ours but I'm happy to be on the other side of things now.

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I think either works because your tub opening is oval, but the overall shape is a rectangle. I'm guessing the same is true for the sinks. Hole is oval, but overall shape is rectangular, unless your is like house_vixen's.

house_vixen - your bath redo is awesome!!

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I had not even thought about the mirror shape. We have three little square windows (about 22") over the shower and bathtub. They look really great. Just now I was thinking we should mimic the square windows and put in rectangle sinks and taps. Oval mirrors and square light fixtures. I love the RH Dillon faucets and lights. I love polished nickel, but expensive and hard to find.

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