Anbydoy using doors from an old house

des_arc_ya_yaSeptember 11, 2006

in YOUR house? I have a "potentially" great looking one out in the shed that I'm about ready to get out and proclaim a "Honeydo" project. I'd like to paint it, have the glass etched and use it in my bathroom. Of course, DH has to be the one to measure it, trim it, hang it, etc. I'm usually the "holder" and the go-getter.

Anybody using old doors in their house? Was it a big deal getting it to fit, etc.? Glass or no glass?

I want details, folks, I want details.

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LOL I don't know how in the crap I got anbydoy out of ANYBODY!! LOL

Awww...well, so much for the need to proofread! LOL

It's a new language, people, get with the plan! LOL

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I saw some cute ones at a flea market Ya-Ya.
They didn't have the glass, just old wooden doors some with door knobs some not.
I hope you understand what I am about to explain.
They cut them up the middle of the door, vertical wise and then hinged them together on the backside, then put a couple of peices of wood in the "V" as shelves. Sorta white washed the shelves to match or contrast with the paint on the door. The were cute,cute,cute! It was like a corner type hutch or something.

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YaYa - I thought you did that project a looooong time ago! LOL I even thought I saw photos of it completed. Heck I even think I was a bit jealous. *S*

I think it would be hard to make it hang right in your existing frame. If the door was warped just a bit, the door wouldn't close or there might be gaps here and there. DH and I have even had problems with new doors, so I know it would be a challenge for us.

Have you thought of making a hall tree from it?? The link below might give you an idea. Instead of the mirror you could add your glass frosting or etching and some YaYa words of wisdom. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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OMG! Lydia that is so dang cute!

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after seeing that hall tree not sure why you would want to do anything else. thanks for the pic wished I could make it bigger (pls).
I can say on the honey do list door hanging is one of the harder ones depending on what his skills are allready .
is it something he can do ?
a few things you can do now are just take a tape and measure the bath opening and the door .
you can trim a door on the table saw
and you can add a pc. to the side .
getting the hinges right is the "tricky" part.
I like the frosted glass idea .
I have quite a few doors also and just passed one up from a neighbors garage that I eyed for yrs ,but they are kinda hard to store and this on was a 12 panel glass one darn cause I see it now as a divider in my living room for a desk area.
the lady who posted all the pics on g.j with what they did with doors on the porch was cool.
I have a new oak solid door that I would like to make a table from but now I might see it as a hall tree/room divider??? Rick

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Just to clarify - I did not make the hall tree that I posted above. Here is another (nice big picture this time!). Didn't make this one either. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well, the halltree might be in the future, as we did some measuring today and I don't have a doorway in the house that we can make that old door fit, hang, and look right in!

Lydia, wasn't me who had done the old door before. It's rough gettin' old and losing your memory, though, isn't it? (I seem to recall that I lost mine, but don't know where! LOL)

The halltree looks good - I just don't have anywhere to put anything that big in my little house.

It looks like it's had some trim added to it (or it was that ornate a door to begin with!)

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well don,t feel to bad I,m quite a bit younger and lost my memory also but I know where and it kinda scares me .
what about a room divider like I was saying or maybe at the foot of a bed to hang night clothes on ?
thanks for the pic. did you notice the headboard bench beside it ? i,m used to seeing those for folks yds.
I want to make a book case with one (headboard) and hang on the wall.
hope you can still use it . would make a good christmas present. Rick

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Found an old door with beautiful carving on it, small window which I wanted to etch. Wanted to replace a door in my house with it. A carpenter friend who I consulted about cutting it down to fit put a kibosh on my plans. The way he explained it to me was that the old door was much to heavy for the existing frame. Door frames aren't built the way they used to be way back when. I would have to rip out all the existing framework and have a new sturdier frame constructed, (dry wall replaced, bla, bla, bla).

Happy I came across this post and forum. Nodakgal I love the corner hutch idea, that sounds like something I can do! Already visualizing it.

Ya-Ya, I'm dyslexic. Read your post without trouble, in fact took some thinking for me to figure out what your follow up post was about! Gave me my laugh for the day!

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How do you keep the doors from tipping over backwards. It seems they would be top I missing something. These are a great idea and I have a couple I can use. Thanks Caroline

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A friend of mine had something similiar in her house but the "bench" at the bottom was enclosed (like a box) to store boots, gloves, etc which made it a little heavier. Hers was against a wall in her entry way so it couldn't fall over backwards

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Ok, I have an idea for cabinet doors, but not regular large house doors. If you don't have any cabinet cupboard type drawers, you can usually get them for free at a kitchen/bath remodeling place. I used to find them tossed out in the back. You can salvage old spindle legs from another piece of furniture, put them on the back side of a small cabinet drawer, and you have a nifty, vintage looking bed tray or small table, depending on the size of the cabinet. I saw a gal on eBay making these and selling them for over $ it gave me an idea!


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