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bernadetteMarch 10, 2001

I like peas but would like some ideas other than just peas or peas with pearl onions. Does anyone have a special or unique recipe to share?



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There a a couple of ways to cook them with fresh mint leaves (but you need the leaves).
Butter, a bit of sugar and chopped mint - seal and slow-cook for 20 minutes.

In England, we had mushy peas, which are made from dried peas. We make a reasonable substitute. Saute some minced garlic, add frozen peas, and water, if needed. Cook for a few minutes. Pour into a food processor with a pat of butter. Process to a mush, add a few tablespoons of cream, if desired. Add salt and seasonings, as needed.

There are lots of curries and mjidas and other Indian dishes which use peas as a main ingredient.

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Here are a couple of my favorites. The first sounds wacky but I was hooked after I tried it!

Peas cooked the French way (from a French cook)

put shelled peas in pot with salt and pepper to taste, a sprinkle of sugar (optional), a little butter, and a few tablespoons of water. Top with shredded iceberg lettuce. Cover, bring to boil, lower heat,and simmer about 15 minutes (watch peas but there should be lots of water from the lettuce). You can also throw in pearl onions.

I thought the lettuce sounded weird but this is one of my favorite ways to eat peas now - it's delish!

Pea Pate from American Wholefoods Cuisine, by N. & D. Goldbeck

2 c. peas
1 large scallion,sliced
1 T. butter or oil
4 T. water
2 T. soy flour
1 t. nutritional yeast

combine first 4 ingredients (use half of water) in saucepan and cook until peas are tender. Puree. Mix soy flour with remaining 2 T. water to make smooth paste. Stir into peas and reheat, cooking until thick. Remove from heat and add yeast. Cool and refrigerate. Good on crackers or as sandwich filling.

Bon appetit!

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Robin Clarke

Stir a small can of baby peas into one of those flavored rice or noodle mixes. Peas and corn go good in this too. It's meal in itself. Enough leftover to freeze 2 more portions for a rainy day.

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How about creamed peas on toast? We always had that when I was growing up. Mom just made a white sauce, added pease, and served over a good toast (pumpernickel is my fav).

Of course, my kids won't touch it, but I love it!

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eileen on Long Island

Fattening but good and if you use cow milk cheese etc. Take a stick of butter melt in a pan add 1/2 small finely onion chopped 1 box frozen peas and saute now add a pint of heavy cream salt and pepper to taste pour over 1 lb of penne and add a 1/2 cup of a good parm cheese I like Locatelli This dish is delicious!!

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This is another one that sounds wierd, but is yummy! (I usually used canned veggies, but you can use fresh, just boil or steam them first)

2 cans chopped asparagus
1 can peas
1 sleeve Ritz crackers
8 oz cheese (I like jalapeno, but you can use your favorite I've tried several kinds and they are all good)
bread cubes
1/4 cup melted butter or margarine

lightly grease(or pam) a casserole dish
layer all ingredients 2 times in this order
asparagus, peas, crackers,cheese

top with 1/4 inch bread cubes (I use 2 slices of white bread)
drizzle 1/4 cup melted butter over the bread cubes

bake uncovered at 350 till bread cubes are golden brown (apx 20 minutes)

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Oh, my gosh, Karen! I had forgotten about creamed peas over toast. We also had it when I was growing up and it was GREAT!

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Pea Salad is my family's favorite. It is hot now in CA. so I make a big one every week as it is fantastic under a mound of tuna salad mixture.Good as a cold, crunchy lunch.

Pea Salad ..this is a big recipe..keeps well in frig.
(cut recipe in half when using smaller pack. peas)

All fresh ingredients except for raw frozen peas

Frozen petite peas, rinsed w/cold water in colander to thaw (I buy the largest bag for a big salad)
1/2 an onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 or 2 tomatoes, diced
Water Chestnuts..sliced thin (optional)
Shredded cheese after salad is served (optional)

Dressing: mayo (not too much.. makes it soupy if you do)
lemon juice (equivalent to 2 -3 squirts)
sweet pickle juice (small amount..to taste). MIX

LAYER each ingredient in a bowl as you go.
Pour salad homemade salad dressing over when finished.

Shredded cheese can be offered at the table as a topping.

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