Step son surfacing

wild_thingMay 18, 2009

Well, after months of no communication from ss, he finally called his dad. Although it was only to find out if his Income Tax check was here (it was, and had been for months lol). Then he tells his dad that he could have let him know....uh yeah...because he had a phone number for him?? Don't think so.

So now he is calling again, only to harass dh about finding a title to a truck that he swapped his dad for a vehicle that ran. We think it is in our storage unit (long story) and we havn't had time to get down there and sort through the boxes yet.

The story is that, he gave his dad this old truck for a vehicle that we had that ran and drove (the truck did/does not run). He still has not signed the title yet. Hid dad decided that after he left here last summer (he turned 18 and knew it all so he moved back to his mom's and dropped out of school and got his g/f of 1 month pregnant) and put his checking account into the hole (which his dad's name was on too) so we paid the bill, and his dad also kept a gun that belonged to ss that he used to go hunting (among other things).

So ss wants the gun back (probably so he can pawn it) and he keeps calling to see if we have the title. His dad said he would give him the gun back when he signs the title to the truck.

But I guess ss moved back into town to live with his pregnant g/f and her dad. He still has no job. Even asked dh if where he worked was hiring. This is the job dh already got him once before, and he lasted all of 1 month before he up and left when he moved back to his mom's.

Plus his g/f is the one who wrote the nasty letter to my sd, calling her names and threatening her physically, because she wrote her "I feel" letter to her mom, who then shared it with everyone she knows. Mind you, this g/f had only met my sd once, and that was only for a few minutes...can you even call that meeting?? So she doesn't know her, let alone know the family she now belongs in sort of. G/f also said in sd's letter that she, nor her dad would ever seen her baby. @@

Such a train wreck.

The thing is...if they were not behaving so stupid, and try pulling their heads out of their backsides, we have a ton of baby stuff! I mean hello?....our youngest is 21 months. We still have all his baby stuff. But after that letter came in the mail to my sd, I didn't want anything to do with ss or his g/f. Let them see how much it takes to raise a baby. They are both so grown up and mature, let them figure it out.

I will be having a garage sale and selling baby stuff.

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Wild, Have a similar deal going on, no contact for 2 years from SS, until he wanted to call DH with some of his happy news(Baby)I am so conflicted about this kid..I want DH to have a relationship with him, and I ve pretty much decided I dont...Anxiety that he wont call DH for Fathers Day, and if he wants to come here, I am going to have to get out of the house while he s here..I cant trust myself not to say whats on my mind to him, or maybe be rude and ignore him......Dont want to cause any more distress to the situation..DH feels SS should talk to him and apologize for some things to me, and doesnt look like thats going to happen...How does your DH feel about repairing things with his son? He seems to have a lot of patience with the situation....

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Hi dotz! Geez, you reminded me of fathers day lol.
I don't know if his son will call him. He might, now that he has opened that door again, even if it is only because he wants something.
I am also conflicted about the whole situation. I don't want anything to do with him, but he is my dh's son and first born. So whattya do?
I think that my dh will always leave that door open for his son to come through and make amends, if you will. No matter what. That is what I see. Yes, he has a lot of patience lol. I don't.

I couldn't fathom my children acting the way his do. I would kick some serious butt! But then, I am an active parent, and have been there since the beginning and always let my sons dad do what he could when he could. But I still would never let my son disrespect his dad the way my dh's son disrespects him. It's just not in me to see him be that kind of person.
So far so good, if only I could get that to carry over to his sister and brother lol. Aahh, gotta love sibling rivalry!

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