removing label glue

wantoretire_didSeptember 26, 2006

Looking for how to remove the glue under the labels of Classico sauces (in the Mason jars). I tried nail polish remover. I don't understand why they put the sauce in those great jars and make it so much work to remove the labels. TIA.


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Rub some vegetable oil or olive oil on it and let it set for a while. It will remove the label.

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If soaking in soapy water overnight doesn't work, try lighter fluid.

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There is some stuff made just for removing the labels. The name of it escapes me though. You can get it at craft stores such as Michael's (in the decorative paint section). (Goop something I think it's called.) Otherwise, try using rubbing alcohol.


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Wet the label and peel off as much as you can, usually leaving the white paper under. Let it dry, saturate with Goo Gone and let sit a few minutes. Rub with dishwashing detergent to loosen the whole mess. Some of those labels are really GLUED on!

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WD-40 works great, it is made from fish oil. takes sticker and label glue off glass, may take little scrubbing but always works....

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Thanks all - I tried nail polish remover, WD 40 and alcohol, then put the jar in the DW and finished up with a plastic chore boy, girl, whatever. Will get what little remains, the old fashioned way, with my thumbnail!!

Thanks again, Carol

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BTW - I emailed Classico and received the following reply; Perhaps they do pay attention :-)

September 28, 2006

Dear Carol,

Thank you for visiting our web site.

We're sorry, but we have no suggestions for removing the label glue other than those that you listed in your email. However, we will let our Packaging Department know of the difficulty you are having with the labels.

Thanks again for contacting us. We appreciate your interest.

Heinz Consumer Resource Center

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Try Bestine Rubber Cement thinner. It dissolves glue but is safe to use on just about any surface. It is not greasy so you can use it on paper, even. It won't dissolve plastics. It must be used with good ventilation and shouldn't be used if you are pregnant. Art stores carry it.

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My favorite product for removing glue residue from plastic, glass, etc is a product from Melaleuca, its called Sol-U-Mel. It's a tea tree oil product. If you know anyone who uses Melaleuca you could get some from them or order it from their website. Awesome stuff, I'm telling ya, I even got tree sap off my kids sandals with it!!!

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I use peanut butter on everything that has glue to be removed.
Smear it on once most of the label has been removed and let it sit for a while. Should peel right off.

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GOO-Gone. at WM with the endust, furniture polish etc. made from orange oil smells great, works on labels, glue, paint, you name it. I wouldnt be without it.

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Lighter fluid or un-du, I used both today to remover the labels from 24 buckets to be painted for Halloween. The lighter fluid worked the best.

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I have to use that stuff called OOPS, you can buy it at Walmart, which is where I work and we use it to remove labels off of shelving.. anyway..I always thought it smelled like lighter fluid so tried fluid at home and it works GREAT! I know a few others have suggested it, just agreeing with the results:)

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i'm with wackyweeder, goo gone is marvelous, even takes gum out of clothes and hair!!

I keep it in the laundry room and the kitchen, it's great.

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I let them soak overnight in warm water with dish soap .
In the morning I peel off what I can then take a sos soap pad to the jar. The steel wool removes the glue and any of the remaining lable quickly once it has been softened by soaking.

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Goo Gone is what I use to get labels off stain glass. put it on the label, let it soak in for a few minutes then take a paint scraper and it will roll off in one sweep.

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Another big thumbs up for Goo Gone. I wouldn't be without it! Especially with Christmas shopping coming up. ;->


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I found a 4 oz. bottle of Goo Gone at the $1 store and you are right; it works like a charm. Thank you again for all of the suggestions.


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I didn't have any Goo Gone or acetone lying around the house, but being a red-blooded American, I certainly had a can of WD-40 on hand. *Worked like a charm* (olive oil didn't, btw, just smeared things into a thinner layer of goop). Since I'm re-using the jars as food containers, I now have a followup question: how do I get that noxious WD-40 smell off my glass jars, sink, and fingers? :-)

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Moisten a cloth with Pledge and rub the sticky, gummy spot with it. The label glue and all the residue will be gone in seconds.

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I use a blow dryer to heat up the glue & it peels right off.

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WD40 always works for me but you can't use on anything soft without staining it with oil. Next time I will try the air dryer. Thanks junk4life.

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Lots of ideas here!
The worst chore is trying to get the glue off
2 liter bottles without scratching the plastic.
I have already tried several of thses things on those bottles and some will not work for plastic.
Small joke--
My DHs initials were WD, so my daughter always added another number after each of his birthdays. LOL
She had a cap made for him for his 70th birthday that said WD70----

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Did you try Pledge? It's worked on plastic bottles for me.

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Because I re-use the jar for food I just boil them in water for a few minutes it will remove the label and the glue.

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I tried everything I heard or read about in an attempt to get glue off a new cookie sheet. After hours I tried nail polish ruined my manicure but got the glue off like magic!!

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Hey folks,
I've been trying for a long time to find somthing that will get completely rid of "devil's spit" AKA "sticky4ever" AKA "modern, intentionally undefeatable label glue". I hated having a nice item with the label removed, but not being able to pick it up without having to pry it loos from my hand in order to set it back down. I'd tried several of the items/methods listed above and several not listed, and none of the ones I'd tried worked. Even steel wool and soap leave a thin glue residue behind. I was going to try Goo Gone, lighter fluid, WD-40, Ets, then somewone mentioned Pledge furnature polish. I didn't have any of the others but thought there might be some Pledge. No luck, but way in the back of a shelf loaded with odds and ends I found a bottle of, Old English Red Oil Furnature Polish. The bottle was half full and looked like a design from the earley 1950's. Anyway, what the heck, I tried it, it worked. With some rubing it removed every trace of glue from the fancy can I'd been trying everything else on without success. When finished, you couldn't tell there'd ever been anything sticky on the unmirred surface. So it looks like at least some furnature polishes do the trick. Of corse, there may be more than one kind of "Sticky4Ever" used under the labels.

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In stores, I don't recommend removing Classico labels, replacing with a less expensive label to get a better price at check-out. Easier & less embarassing in the market to pay full price, less time & less mess too.

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Just kidding. I've had luck with Tri-Flow, its similar to WD40. Use one of those sponges with the green abrasive back.

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For anything NOT plastic a citrus based cleaner works very well ... Orange Clean is what I use. No bad smell or fumes, a little goes a long way. Just spray it on and let it sit for just a bit. I usually remove as much of the label as i can, then spray . If you leave the label on you will have to spray again to get all the residue off.

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Goo gone! That's the best.

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Instead of spending time and energy trying to remove sticky labels from jars, why doesn't everyone contact those companies and have them be more responsible to our environment by using water soluble glue on the labels instead of using such sticky adhesives that require so much time and energy and extra money to remove. Using label removing products is just money out of your pocket and money into their pockets. It's also environmentally unfriendly.
In the case of Heinz's reply: Now, if you don't know how to remove the glue, then how do you expect consumers to know?

Therefore, we should stop purchasing those products because companies can't use effortless water soluble glue.

These companies should consider the environment and the future of this planet so your kids can actually enjoy it.

YOU should take a stronger stance and speak up. I already emailed them. You should too.

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I've discovered an easy way to get labels off. Use the hairdryer to heat the label & peel gently. Works like a charm on items I don't want to use goo gone on - (like labels on the inside of shoes, etc) :)

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