Help! Where do I start on this table?

n2bach1September 13, 2007

Hello all,

I found what I think is a neat table at a thrift store and I am itching to try and paint it, refinish it, do whatever to it. But I don't have the foggiest idea of where to start with it. I don't believe it's anything really great in terms of quality wood, but it's only $10.00 and I think it's something that I could at least "practice on". Right now it appears to be painted and or varnished, the legs one color and the top another. Do I use paint remover, stripper, what?

Sorry I can't be more specific about it and I don't have a picture, but can someone just point me in the right direction for a starter? If I wreck it, I won't cry!

Thanks for helping.


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First you need to sand it down with some sandpaper to rough it up so the primer and paint will stick to it.
I usually use a meduim to corase grade sand paper. A electric palm sander is really nice for this type of thing however you can also do it by hand you just need to put more muscle into it.
After you sand you use a tack cloth which you can usually get in the same asile as the sandpaper of any paint or home repair place. Take the tack cloth and remove all the sawdust and residue.
Then prime with a nice primer like Kliz...use the water base Kliz to make clean up easier.
Let it dry for a day or two depending on your weather and then paint. you will want to give it a few coats. Let it dry a day or so between coats.
Since it's a table you may want to put a sealer on it OR you can put a piece of glass cut to size to keep it looking fresh.

IF you don't want to paint it you could decoupage it with fabric OR paper and just paint the legs.

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You might strip or sand a section first to see what kind of wood is underneath. My husband brought home a painted armoire and I yelled at him for bringing it home! Well, I stripped a section and found beautiful mahogany! So you never know what you have!

You can sand, prime & paint, or use a stripper to do it. There is a brand that is orange that I love (can't remember the name, but if you see it you'll know is an orange gel), it works great, but stripping is messy business, so do it outside in a garage or driveway!

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