Coffee can stove for camping

chuckr30September 4, 2007

Does this count in this forum too? I made a coffee can stove for camping out of 3 parts: 1 coffee can, 2 long pegboard rods (metal of course, or use similar thickness metal rod from something else). You will also need a drill, 1/4 inch bit or churchkey, and metal cutters. Metal cutters are only about $5 at your discount store so they are worth it for cutting metal. A dremel will also work to cut metal.

First, you know what a coffee can is. But I'll explain the pegboard rods. There is pegboard which is thin board to hang up in your garage. Then you buy all these peg things, some straight, some curved, to hold your tools. They just fit into the holes in the pegboard. There are some long pegboard rods used for holding hammers, axes, etc. You put 2 next to each other and it makes a nice cradle for hammers. They are about 8 inches long.

- Cut the top off the coffee can.

- Drill 10 1/4 inch holes around the base of the can. Smooth the edges with a file or dremel grinding stone.

- In the "front" cut a 2 x 2 inch square or round hole. You will load the wood/fuel in here.

- In the top, you will place the long pegboard hooks. Drill holes off-center so the 2 rods will divide the space into thirds. These will hold your pot. Drill holes for the rods, and slide the rods in parallel.

- To light, load with a bit of paper or kleenex, then add sticks about pencil thickness. Light. Place pot on top of pegboard rods.

- When done let cool and store in cloth bag to keep ashes from getting other things dirty.

- We boiled about 12 oz of water in 7 minutes. And fuel is free and can be found in any forest. Just let the fuel burn out when done or douse with water if you are in a rush.

This stove is fairly sturdy and could easily hold 24oz of water or weight. But it is not made for a large cast iron pot. It's made for making meals for 1 or 2 people. However this thing is so cheap (I had all the parts so I had to buy nothing) you could make multiple stoves for multiple people.

Metal coffee cans are becoming more rare so get yours now while you can.

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I Wish you had pics ... I need visual aids ! LOL Both of your projects sound like they are really useful . Is there any way to post pics ?

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My stove looks quite a bit like this one I found on the web.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee can stove pic

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It's hard to see but in the pic above they punched triangular holes in the bottom of the can to allow oxygen in. Also, they may have used metal tent stakes at the top of the can to support the pot. Those are about the same thickness as my metal pegboard rods.

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Those are really cool Chuck. They are also called "hobo stoves". I learned about them on a homesteading site. I've also seen ones that use empty cat food cans to hold a few charcoal pieces to burn those too. And I guess you could use a smaller size coffee can cut in half to hold whatever material you are burning inside the original can. I think its a good idea to have some of these on hand.
You are right about the coffee cans going from metal to plastic. I have many metal ones at home and thats all I'll buy before they are gone!

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