As promised - More pictures(lots)

a2geminiMay 5, 2012

I was going to wait to post more pictures but so many of you wanted more pictures, so here you go.

We have about 50 % of the handles on the cabinets, fridge is still paying rent in the dining room (DH wants it back), UC Plugmold not installed, decorative lighting, above counter and shelf (in sun room), and still have to figure out the conundrum with the drawer below the Wolf.

The floors will be lightly sanded and finished the week of May 15th.

Of course - everyone's favorite - the backsplash!!!

Today, I saw a table that is perfect in size and shape but the wrong height - colors are perfect but the price is not!

Here we go.... Hang on for the roller coaster ride. I like to sit in the front car with hands over head.... Type T for Thrill personality...

Lighting for pictures is not great - sorry

Main L shape kitchen run -

Oven/fridge wall sans fridge...

Short end of the L - showing countertop

Sink and Garden Window (dust included as i have not cleaned up the mess)

Close up of sink and Waterstone faucet (so far my favorite item in the whole kitchen!!) It is so smooth and the flow is just perfect!!

Last minute addition to the kitchen - the pull out pantry when we figured out that we didn't need to rebuild the wing wall to the left of the fridge. (now where is that fridge again!)

Cooking zone storage drawer 1

Cooking zone drawer 2 - there are still spaces available...

Bake zone drawer 1

Bake zone drawer 2

Super Susan

Corner cabinet - I know a lot don't like these - but it works for me - top 2 shelves have a basic copco 18 inch lazy susan. Works to store my ceramic dishes and have lots from the A2 Art Fair

Above oven storage

Above missing fridge storage

Usual trash pull out - want to see about a hands free pressure switch - I just ordered one from Lee Valley - inexpensive if it doesn't work

Seam 1 at the corner - hard to even see!

Seam 2 at the cooktop (better than the sink in my mind) You can see it but I can't even feel it!

Dish drawer - but you saw this before...

Hope I haven't bored you too much. When I was a youngster, we had 12 pictures to a roll, so couldn't get too carried away!

Thanks for all of your support!!!!

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Looks great. Isn't it fun to have all those new places to store things. My DH is finally startinghere's now where items are kept. He's also getting better at not splashing water all over with the high arch faucet. And most importantly he is learning to not let things boil over on the new cooktop ( it is so much more powerful than the old stove). Hope your DH is a quick learner.
Your countertops and cabinets make your kitchen a beautiful, warm and welcoming space Wishing you and your family years and years of good food, fun times and happiness in your new kitchen.
Now we all can't wait to see the finishing touches.

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My DH only cooks pizza - he picks up the phone and calls the local delivery pizza.
Now, he does wash his hands a lot - so hoping he learns fast. Love the front placement of the lever!
We went with the center over drain - center over sink - the faucet would be splashing on the low divide and center over divide - could swing faucet over the counter.
Badger I love your kitchen!!!

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Wow! You are all moved in. Looks great. Garden window is fabulous. Love your drawer and cab dividers. Enjoy!

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Awesome! I love the color of your cabinets and it is beautiful with your very pretty granite.

But, all the amazing storage is definitely my favorite part!

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OMg!! I love the pot and pan storage drawers! And the looks like the water stream is smooth as gold. Your seams are perfect and well placed... You are going to have a ball creating in your kitchen!

Thank you for the pics!

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So beautiful! It's coming together nice! Were you sitting on your countertop to get some of those shots? I had a bit of vertigo there for a sec,lol.Thanks for posting these awesome pics! Big congrats! Enjoy!

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Your kitchen is beautiful and it isn't even all done yet! Thank you for sharing these pics. They are inspirational to those of us who haven't finished the planning stage.

You have done a great job planning! Your storage is wonderful.

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Amazing! Are those the original pulls that you had bought. I think they are perfect. Love the dividers on the drawers. Have you chosen a backsplash yet?

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It looks just beautiful! I love how your floors, counters and cabs look together. So warm, rich and beautiful. Those huge drawers are awesome! I really like the pulls you have. Are those the original Baldwin pulls that you'd purchased? The color looks fab with your gorgeous faucet. I know you agonized over the faucet placement in the sink and I think it looks great. I'm anxious to hear how the hands free trash pull out thingybob works. I'd love to have something like that on mine.

What are you thinking for backsplash? There are so many possibilities! I'm not a modern, clean lines kind of gal but when I was tile shopping I saw so many gorgeous tiles that would work in a more modern space. You can have so much fun with tile in your space!

I can't believe how much you've moved in already! I just started moving in today and it is taking forever! The GC cleaned everything and wiped everything down but . . . . I can't help it. Gotta do it myself too. Especially the fridge since I purchased a floor model and . . . . . I'll just feel better. I just put trash bags in the garbage pullout and threw away my first piece of garbage. Caught myself before I took a picture of it. lol

Keep the pictures coming. So fun to see it coming together.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous. Is your countertop Cambria Bradshaw? It's beautiful with your cabinets and flooring. Anxious to see the backsplash.
The faucet is amazing! Hope you are loving your cascade...I love mine.

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Love it, love it, love it! Specifically, well, everything, but I'll call out: countertop (nice seams!), garden window, cab color. You're never going to want to leave this warm and inviting place!

P.S. Remember flash cubes??

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Looks great! Love all the storage too! That tall pull out is quite nifty!!! It's all coming together and will be a super place to gather with family and friends! We are just about at the same stage you are and it's great to share the experience on this forum! Thank you for sharing!

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Lovely!! I like the floor/cabinet color combo. Great organization and fantastic appliances, too.

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Congratulations a2gemini!

It's your time to shine now so don't worry about whether you have lots of pictures. I don't think anyone here is complaining.

It all looks great and I hope so far you are thrilled with your choices.

Such a long road, but it really feels good when you are finished or near finished with the decision-making part and can really start living and enjoying your new space... And what a space it is!


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I love your kitchen but no surprise since it is a higher end version of my own! Other than the pulls, it looks so similar in color choices! Your cabs made me drool the most though:) ours do not go to the ceiling and it is my second biggest regret- wish I added extra molding to make that happen:( my first is the micro hood- long story:(
But I digress- your kitchen is going to be perfect in every way!!!! I am so impressed with all your touches,

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So exciting! It looks amazing! I think the pulls turned out great. I will have similar ones and I am glad to see how nice the 2 small ones on the bigger drawers look.

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That's beautiful! Thanks for all the pictures. You have an amazing amount of storage there, and I love the lines of those cabinets. And that's the same faucet that's on my wish list, though I'm still a bit shocked at the price.

Your granite installers did a great job. What is that color called? That might work with the natural cherry cabinets I'm hoping to get. (I'm somewhat color-blind, so please be gentle if that's an absurd color combination. :-)


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Laura-Not my kitchen but it's Cambria quartz but cannot for the life of me remember the color? Something royal sounding with a b? Old age sucks:)

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Would love to hear your thoughts on your Demeyere cookware. Your kitchen is beautiful and I love all the storage options.

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beautiful kitchen! love the floor! and the pots/pans on their sides - great idea.

your cabinet pulls look like they have a great projection - easy on the fingers/hands.

12 exposures and flash cube - those were the days! yep, we 'measured' out our pic taking.

here - don't think you can post too many for us!

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Thank you for all of your kind words. I did OK, even if I didn't find the GW until after I signed the contracts. I was able to tweek a few things and added the pull out pantry ex post facto. I only have one almost non-functional cabinet next to the sink - but might switch the door to 2 drawers but want to try it first and then decide.

I usually try to respond to each person - but so many at once. Just a couple comments - flash cubes - those are too new for me - I go back to flash bulbs!
Docmomma - I was hoping to see some doubles before completing, so glad this will help you.

A basic overview of the kitchen - should have included on the first post.

I have struggled with every decision. Before starting, I pretended I was in my new kitchen and put stickies where everything would be stored, so I knew where everything would go post reno. Obviously, some tweaks are necessary - especially, when you lose a planned drawer under the cooktop...

Colors are not my specialty, so hearing all of the great comments is re-assuring! Thank you!! The colors were made "last minute", everything looked like I was trying to match the oak floor and missed - then I literally ran into a cabinet in the color that I chose. KD made me run home (1/2 hour the wrong way) with samples. I came back and said "perfect"

Cabinets: Brookhaven Autumn Cherry with a black glaze.

Pulls: Baldwin Brass in Brass with Black color 5 inch arch (yes, these were my original choice but I still ogle Badgergal's long pulls but realized that my faucet would feel isolated without company) - The BB and Waterstone use the same color but differently names. Waterstone says Antique brass and BB calls it brass with black. Purchased these at a wonderful store in West Reading, PA - nice discounts and nice employees. The Compleat Baldwin Brass store or something like that. (Great sales - 40% off and a volume discount)

Countertop: Cambria Buckingham (yup Royal sounding name)

Faucet: Waterstone PLP 5400 in Antique Brass. lwerner - I thought the WS was too expensive and was not going to include it - my frugal DM said - you have to get that faucet - actually, she wanted me to get the nifty cafe version that was just coming out - but just didn't match the style but she talked me into the faucet and color. I would give up most other items in the kitchen but am so glad I went with this faucet!!!

Soap dispenser: Also Waterstone. I want to add the Never MT or whatever the intials are but refuse to spend $8 on shipping for a $10 item! Maybe we could get a group order to save or MYO (make your own!)

Cooktop: Wolf Induction 5 burner

Hood: It will be a Broan Evolution in stainless - will be installed at the very end. (Long story)

Microwave: GE Advantium 240 - so far only used the MW portion but sweet! Uses a moisture sensor to determine that the food is cooked. A long way since seeing my first MW at the NY World's Fair...

Oven: Wolf E series - just couldn't justify the extra for the rotating panel (but would have been nice since the displays are slightly different)

I think the appliance dealer did a good job at matching the styles - there are different options on both ovens (frame, handles, etc)

Fridge - re-use item - 2 year old Electrolux)

Dishwasher: re-use item 2 year old Miele

Disposer: Insinkerator Evolution 1 HP. Love the 1 HP motors on these - my old one was 18 years old and never jammed.

Pots/Pans - A combination of re-use and new. The new items include CIA (2 vessels, fry pan and a free mixing bowl), DeMeyere 2.5 qt - purchased on sale from Sur la Table (and now get zillions of emails at 5:45 AM!) and an All Clad square griddle (I am going to miss my old double AC griddle but it was aluminum, so a no go for induction - but my SIL is going to be happy). Otherwise, I have a mishmash of trial pots gathered over the years.

Floor: Original oak floor - still has to be lightly sanded an a new coat of polyurethane added.

Lights: Cooper LED 3000K flood lights x 7 dimmable to 5%
Undercounter: GMLighting LARC bars 3000K
Decorative (in boxes) Hubbardton Forge "compass" lights for the kitchen and 3 bulb chandelier for the sunroom.
Sunroom cabinets will have Kimberly LED tape over counter and over a shelf that we built
Walk in Pantry - (I am hiding this for now as it is a disaster zone) - only changes are a pocket door and an occupancy sensor switch

Garden Window - Put this in when we did the outside of the house last year - wish I had waited and just built a bay with the countertop extending into the bay. But not about to toss away the $$ spent on this already....

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore AF380 Coastal Path
Trim Color: BM AF20 Marcapone
Ceiling: SW ceiling white

Backsplash: TBD - I think I want back painted glass but I think it will be a price breaker.

Again, thank you again for all of your kind words. I couldn't have made these decisions without you. I am so glad that I found Waterstone on GW as I never heard of it before. I am so thankful for all of the support for my many trivial emails and last minute decisions that had to be made.

It is amazing how different it ended up from where I started! Let's see - I started with light cabinets, Delta faucet, Elux oven, gas cooktop....

Any help on backsplash - but maybe I will start a new post on that if this gets too long....

Never made it out on my bicycle yesterday - but for sure today. Must be nice to be wrong about the weather 50% of the time and still have a job... LOL - actually, I know it is difficult to predict as there are so many variables.

Carpe Diem! It is supposed to be a beautiful day in our area today and plan to enjoy it!!

Only one addition for today - Under oven storage - not sure if I will store these in here or in the walk in pantry and put some smaller items in here.

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Looking great so far!

How deep are your drawers with the pots/pans in them? I see pictures of pans stored on edge like that and I wonder how they manage it. My cabinets are the same height as anyone elses but the two deep drawers are less than 8" deep. Only the smallest of pans would fit on edge in my drawers. The drawer fronts themselves are almost 12" tall.

Aha, looking closer at your pictures I see that your cabinets are frameless. Looks like your drawer boxes are utilizing almost the whole 12" height. Very nice. My partial overlay face frames waste too much space in the drawer bases.

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Grumpy. U figured it out.
I have so many different brands that they don't stack well or you have to pull out multiple pans to get to the one u need.
How wide r ur utensil drawers. Heading to B3 to snag some of the nifty organizers
Sent from iPhone

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Grumpy Dave - you are a miracle worker. GC was to install dividers tomorrow - but used your trick and it is great!
Still have to wash them, but wanted to see if it would work.
I only wish that they told their true size and not the base size for calculations. I might swap some out - but this is all of the sized that the local B3 had in stock! Thanks

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Debbi Branka

A2 - are you in Ann Arbor? Love your kitchen! Love the storage in your pot/pan drawers and was going to ask how deep they were too. Thanks Dave for figuring it out.

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a2gemini, my utensil drawers are 36" wide, but the inside drawer dimension is actually 31".

Those bins look good! I do agree about the odd sizing. I had to buy a few of each size and lay them out to see how they would fit. Looks like you managed to almost completely fill the drawer. You do lose just a little more space due to the thickness of two adjacent bin walls, but I like the way they look and the ability to clean them up.

For me, the key was to group like items in each bin. So for example your two small bins right in the middle with measuring spoons could all be in one slightly larger bin, if such a bin exists. I would even combine them with the measuring cups directly above them. One 6x12 bin would probably hold all your measuring utensils perfectly as it did in mine. But, you have to go with what fits in your drawers. I found that fewer of the big bins wasted less space that a whole bunch of the smaller ones and the organization didn't suffer at all.

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No need to apologize for pics! I daresay all of us have loved them ~ Delighted to get some sparks of creativity from your images for new upgrade.... Congrats on your space...very pretty and functional :)

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Beautiful! So glad you shared ALL your pics because each one gives great inspiration and ideas for those of us still waiting to start. How wide is your pullout pantry cab? Are you happy with the width? Your floors are gorgeous! They sure don't look like they need to be refinished. Can't wait to see your Hubbardton Forge lights!

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Deb - you guessed it! Almost a townie since been here for most of my life. U?

Grumpy - Thanks - My drawer is 30 inches and a few other drawers are smaller but this is the largest. B3 only had certain sizes but the website for the company lists other sizes - so will swap some out. They only had one of the biggest sizes - which you used quite a bit and none of the square ones that I wanted. I didn't wash or take off the labels yet - everything still has to be washed from the remodel - so just testing out the organization. Have to find out other locations that carry the organizers.

Painted Nest- we have a robin's nest on our front porch light. My DH is very protective of robin.

flwrs - believe it or not, we haven't refinished the floor yet - just needs some repairs, light sanding and a new polyurethane coat - hopefully the color stays the same.

Thanks for all of your support - remember, most of what is in the kitchen is complements of GW :-)

Now on to the backsplash

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Your kitchen is lovely and so well planned and organized! I am so sorry about your drawer mishap, I hope you end up with a solution you are happy with!

I wanted to ask you about your last-minute pantry pull-out. How wide is it? And do you find it useful at that width?

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Thanks shannonaz - guess you saw my other post :-(

The pull out pantry is 12 inches wide.
I have 7 shelves inside of it - if you are creative, you can even do more shelves.

It is perfect for our needs - we store all of our sports treats in it and my DH stays out of the walk in pantry - he can never find anything in the walk in pantry...

We also store tall bottles (mostly alcoholic) that we don't use very often (the good stuff is in the angle cabinet...)

I also have 2 shelves for snacks - my DH knows where they live and can find munchies if I am running late.

Another couple inches would be nice - but it is easy to open and close - it has a soft close on it. I put a longer handle on it but the same style as the rest of the kitchen.

Good luck - I hope to have final pictures soon - but probably will wait til I have resolution of the other issue first.

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Love the pictures. This kitchen looks exactly like our layout. Would like to use Cambria Bradshaw with Kraftmaid Maple Honey Spice cabinets and Chelsea lumber Aspen Maple wood flooring in our remodel. I have dark 70's walnut cabinets and an oak floor currently and want a light kitchen.
Any thoughts if these would work well together?

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Holly- Kay

A-2, I love your kitchen. It is my first glimpse of the whole thing! Just love your pulls. I live close to Reading so maybe a quick jaunt to the BB outlet would be a good idea. Looking at Colonial Bronze Co and Schaub as well!

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Absolutely wonderful! I am so envious of your uber organized drawers- especially the pots and pans and the baking zone. I know you will enjoy using this space. Great job.

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Thanks! Maybe we are neighbors or have twin houses! Originally our range was on the short L run but we moved it.
A little hard to visualize the colors without pictures - I will look for your post. My question would be will the 2 maples coordinate or look like you tried to match and missed.
I started out thinking I wanted to go lighter but had the match problem with our floor

Thank you for you compliment. I can't wait to see your kitchen grow.

I purchased them at the Compleat Baldwin Brass store in West Reading. I worked with Jason. They also carry Colonial as well as Baldwin. I also snagged my waterstone faucet there. (My DM lives nearby) I don't remember if they carried schaub but I don't think so.
They had good prices as well.

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