Digging up bones....

sistersunnieSeptember 30, 2005

My husband is very ill and I dont get many breaks but last evening the family took over for a few hours to give me some down time. I took a walk (and a shovel) to my favorite woods where I had noticed what looked like an old household trash mound. Well let me tell you I hit the mother lode! Three trips out of the woods to cart it home! Next time I bring a wagon with the shovel! Came home, cleaned it up and researched. Found:

Royal Haeger Elm Leaf Vase in agate green with blue/green drip glaze, circa 1938-1940.

Mauve Hull tulip design planter/vase circa 1940's

Italian handpainted pitcher

small wooden window with labels attached

tons of enamel ware

all intact!

I am very excited. Talk about trash to treasures!

My kids warn me that one day I will dig up bones or something disgusting! Neighbor knows I walk there and gave me permission to dig on his property so its cool. He thinks I'm nuts. Maybe I am, but what fun!

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I found a picture of your Elm Leaf vase here.

Awesome stash. I wish I knew of someplace to dig like that!

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What great treasures. I would be so excited also. We bought some woods and I couldn't wait to find a trash pile. But I only found just a few neat things. But where we use to live our neighbors had old trash piles all over their property. I had so much fun going through them. I even found one of those old petal cars, but it was in really bad shape. Now I wish I would have gotten it after seeing and learning from here. But that was at least 10 years ago.
Thanks for sharing with us. I'll say a prayer for your Husband.

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Good thing you kmow what to look for . I probably would have passed it right by . This sure sounds like one of those "MEANT TO BE " stories !

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Yup Tech thats it. But mine is slightly lighter green with a great blue green dripped glaze on the top. I've been researching the window today. Its a narrow little sliding window, with paper labels that say "standard clearlite single" on it. Best I can figure its roughly 1940's and looks like one of those sliding screen things people used to pop in the bottom when they would open a window for ventilation but wanted to keep the insects out. Doesnt look like it was ever used, and I cant figure why they would use a glass one....

Also dont know what I'm going to do with it. Leaning towards cleaning it, preserving the labels on it and propping it up on a shelf. The vases are going to my Mom, she loves odd pieces in pink and green, the Italian pitcher in my kitchen with tall wooden spoons in it.

Most of the enamel ware has rusted places and is in rough shape. I was thinking a small garden outside my kitchen. bury the bad spots and have some cute plants growing out of the top of the pitcher and basins, etc. Any ideas??

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This thread reminds of my "bottle digging days" -- what fun that was!!!!!!!! I think that the T2T, junk, TS, and all of it appeals to that kid in us who never got to do enough treasure hunting.



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Goodness gracious!!! Sounds like a dream come true for me!!!! I don't think I'd ever want to leave... at least not till every last treasure had been found.

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What fun! I'd love to find that kind of "buried treaure"!

Is your window like the one here? I used clear window decals made for inkjet printers and did the wording on Print Shop. The decals just peel off in case I'd want to change it.

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Reminds me of my bottle digging days too. Of course, I dont think I ever found anything to compare with your treasure. You really hit the motherlode.

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YES ! Thats it! Details on yours please! I researched clearlite but didnt find what I needed yet.

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I used Hammermill clear window decals (purchased them at Walmart a while back). Can't find them anywhere on the web, but I think office supply stores would carry them as well.

I did a lot of measuring to make sure it would fit. I think I had to reverse the wording as well before printing. I didn't get all the "bubbles" out of mine, but you have to get close to notice. And the Bath part is a seperate piece since the window was so long.

I'm keeping my eyes open for another small window so I can do this again with a Tea Shop design for my kitchen.

Have fun!

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Tooooo coooool!!! Congratulations!!!

There are three old home sites on our place but the ground is hard, hard clay. I am always trying to get my husband to help me dig but he says "that is your hobby, not mine."

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Details please about where you found your window and anything you know about it. I dont think I'll put any decals on mine since the original stickers are in wonderful condition and quite cute. How did you hang yours?


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Sunnie - I picked mine up at a flea market for about $7.00. Don't know anything about it though. I already had the idea of what I wanted to do with it and thought the size/shape was perfect. I just used a sawtooth hanger in the back to hang it.
I'd love to see yours if you can post a picture!

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