RECIPE: Help. . Veggie Baby Shower @ 12 Noon. What do I serve?

LisaFebruary 27, 2001

I am throwing a baby shower and she wants it to be all vegitarian. She does Cheese and milk. Does anyone have any easy and cheap ideas? I can only think of a veggie and fruit platter from Costco!!! HELP

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If eggs are OK, fritata or an egg/bread/herb casserole would be easy. Or how about spring rolls? Or baked potatoes with cheese/veg/herb topping? Or veggie pizza.

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Cheese and crackers. Fruit bowl, veggie tray, egg salad or cucumber sandwiches as made for tea parties! Celery stuffed with cream cheese. I've made a frozen fruit slush. Take cans of crushed pineapple, fruit cocktail, sliced strawberries, bananas if you like. I drain all but the pineapple. Mix in a large bowl and add orange juice or Sunny D so that there is plenty of liquid. I've purchased the small plastic punch cups and pour the mixture in those and freeze on flat surface. Let them sit out a couple of hours before serving.

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sandra ohio

For a yummy fuit dip take a jar of marshmellow and a package of cream cheese and whip together add a lttle pinapple juice to thin it just a little .

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Quiche is easy and you can make a variety of them including Spinach, artichoke, smoked swiss, roasted pepper...use your imagination.

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Don't forget Salsa for a dip and Tacos. Check out any of the either Borsch or cold fruit soups and add the veggies and or fruit platters also assorted breads and crackers. For the beverage, cranberry juice, crushed strawberries mixed with gingerale. A fruit ring of ice is great here.

Remember the main reason is the beautiful gifts and friends getting together for the upcoming birth of a child. Relax and enjoy.

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No marshmallow at a veggie party, please. Contains gelatin.

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Vegetable lasagna. Cooking Light's website ( but you have to turn off add blaster to use it...has lots of meatless dishes that are easy to use. V.

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Jifrah, if you are referring to the marshmallow in the fruit dip recipe, she said it calls for a jar of marshmallow- I assume she means marshmallow fluff. Marshmallow fluff does not contain gelatin (I used to use it in place of regular marshmallows to make Rice Krispie Treats) or at least it didn't last time I bought some.

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