Old picture frame....need repair help

sweetpea_2006September 28, 2006

Hi, I have an old oval picture frame. It is wooden but has a coating of something that looks like thin plaster and that layer is cracking and peeling. I want to completely remove it, leaving just the wood. All of the loose pieces have been removed but I've been unable to get the rest of it off. Does anyone have an idea of how I can do this? Thanks Susan

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the only way i know of removing plaster from wood is with a 3 in 1 tool and prying it away....you could try the wood work forum they might have a better method...is it possible to sand off the plaster?

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I have tried the 3 in 1 tool method already. As for sanding, I guess it would work but it would take a while and I'd have to be really careful as there are groves in the wood. Thanks for your suggestions. I might try one of sponge type sandpaper sanders. Thanks, Susan

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Take a wet warm/hot wash cloth and place it ot wrap it around a section and then rap in plastic ot foil or just a old bread bag and wait for a few hrs.
I would think that over doing this will warp the wood and that you don,t want .
I warm things up in my oven all the time because of the low heat provided by the pilot light I might try this also.
use a little paint stripper in a small place with a rag the same way as the way just put some on heavily and wrap and wait .
but I do know that moisture destroys the plaster because I have the oppisite prob. I have an old mirror from gmas house that was stored in her garage and pcs of the very ornate frame came off and will need replaced ,and moisture is what made them come loose.
but as a wood worker I also know that just moisture in low levels(my basement) will warp dry wood and frames are not much good bent.
if it all come loose I would definitly use a stripper for the final steps in finishing . Rick

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