hmmm should i be dumpster diving at a bar lol

mojojojogrlnjSeptember 26, 2006

okay on ebay some woman is selling 1000 beer bottle caps...they are going for 25.00 so far...might be an ideal to pay for xmas this year huh lol...

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Would you decorate them in the new style with a pic inside of them? Those are kind of neat, I've seen them in primitive style, you hang them on an Xmas tree don't you? What else do they use them for?


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omg people are doing all kins of things with bottle caps....putting them on tables then clear coating them...making dolls, bottle cap snakes....even... get this art...actually pictures just using different color bottle caps....

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My mother used to crochet them and join them and used them to put hot dishes on.

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My first thought, when I saw the title of your post, was, "I bet that's where I need to get blue bottles to finish my bottle tree!" LOL

Didn't think about the beer cap angle. But, you can bet that somebody would and would make money from it! LOL

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Be careful of the dumpster you dive in, I might be in there and theres not much room unless you bring some fried chicken

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MoJo--You might try just going inside and asking the bartender if he/she would save them for you. There's just no telling what you might find in that dumpster--and it might not be a friendly forum member like Papster 1000! LOL

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Oh way toooo funny Papster, had me laughing out loud.

Mojo, I agree, better to go in ask for them to same them for you. All they can say is NO, right!!!


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The used bottle caps are bent from the opener. I saw a bunch of brand new flat ones used for some mosaics at a craft fair. I wonder where they got them ? They were just plain - no writing . I wonder if the breweries sell them ?

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Hobby Lobby sells the new ones but I don't know how much they are.

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I thought I knew every inch of Hobby Lobby ....LOL...I don't remember seeing them ! Well - that's a good reason to take another trip out there *hehe*

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The beer bottles now days, are twist off. the only reason I know since I rarely drink, is I have a small convience store.
So the bartender might have some in excellent shape,and many different kinds.
I will have to keep my eyes open and try to find some.

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