WWYD? Please help with countertop/backsplash decision!

JAM_SFMay 21, 2013

I am in analysis paralysis over my island counter material. I am going for a contemporary (but not modern) style, with white shaker perimeter cabs with Caesarstone Pebble (med gray), and a brownish/gray stained island. My original intent was to use Blizzard caesarstone (which I have in my kids bath and still looks brand new after 3 years, so I know it will wear well), but I have also been to about 30 slab yards all over the Bay Area looking for something more interesting on the island. The only thing I can really afford is marble since I only need a smaller slab, and I have two young boys who are messy, even though my husband and I are not so I'm wondering if I'm crazy to even think of doing this.

For my backsplash I have fallen in love with AKDOs heavy rain, which is marble and does have pattern and a bit of color. So part of me thinks doing the Blizzard will be fine, and the other part of me wants something more interesting, but still in the white family.
I have also purchased Frosty Carrina and London Grey samples and I just like the real feeling of marble over the Caesarstone if I'm going for a marble look, even though it is a great look a like.
I'm posting a pick of the backsplash. They show it with marble, but it would be next to the Caesarstone pebble.

Will a marble island will be "too much" with the backsplash? Should I stick with the safe and easy (and much cheaper) Blizzard?

What would you chose? I have waited a long time for this remodel, and I won't be doing my counters over again.
Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Your photo did not post! I think if you really want marble for the island, then you should have marble! We went to a La Cross party for the boys HS team recently and they had a gorgeous marble island. They have 2 teenaged boys and a younger daughter and they've had the marble for 5 years and it looked beautiful! She said she had never regretted it. I didn't notice any problems although it was covered with lots of dishes. There really is nothing quite like the look of beautiful marble.

Good luck!

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Here is the photo of the backsplash

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Obviously, the marble would work well with your backsplash (which I love, by the way). Likewise, it would work with your Pebble.

I would avoid a quartz marble-like counter with the natural marble backsplash.

Please keep us posted with photos. I adore your backsplash!

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The backsplash will contrast nicely with your Pebble. I have just installed a marble backsplash with CS Piatra Grey and it works well, as the medium grey pulls out accents from the backsplash.

I have a bit of bianco carrara in a ledge area and in a table. The island, however, is the same material as the perimeter.

How big is your island? One thing to consider is remnants. I think there is one place in San Jose and Planet Granite (with an online search engine) out in Sac that are slabyards that specialize in remnants. Some of the prefab suppliers also sell island sized pieces, with and without a finished edges.

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My island will be 72x38, but then I need about 5 extra inches for a 2" mitered edge. So I need a fairly large remnant, most people are telling me that is more like a small slab. Final size I need would be 77x44 ish.

I agree that the marble backsplashes look great with the caesarstone to add some interest and pull out the gray of the counter, so thanks for validating my thoughts there.

It's just this dang island material that is driving me crazy.

I will look into those places you mentioned.

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