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craftylady-2006September 18, 2006

Hi all,

For those who don't venture over to the Garden Junk Forum, here is a pic of things I found last night.

The street lamp doesn't work, didn't plug in the deer. Don't care though, will either take out the lights and/or restring them.

Rocking chair I will take out the seat and use for a planter, maybe paint some flowers/design on the back of it.

The wheelbarrel wheel spokes are broken. I can either fix it or just GE Silicone glue the wheel to the base of the barrel so it doesn't move. Viola - ready for my fall mums.

Trellis I will use next year for morning glories.

All in all, I think I did pretty good. I say I'm going to stop this curb shopping but when I see something great, just got to stop and grab it. Funny, the lamp/deer - the road was kinda full with parked cars and there I am looking at this car that wants to pass me so I back up a bit to give them room and OMGosh, they pull into their driveway with the lamp/deer. I just got out and said, Hi how ya doing, do you mind if I take those things. They giggled and said yes, be our guest to all of it.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow! What a haul!!

Breaks my heart to see people throwing usuable things like this away. I wish more people would use freecycle or at least set the item near the street with a FREE sign on it a few days before the trashman shows up.

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Nice find!!!
I scored a Little Tykes playhouse (the BIG one) "curb shopping" with my Dad!!! I've got 4 grandsons that will love it!!!

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I picked up one of those Little Tykes playhouses a couple of years had a huge free sign on it. I'm seriously thinking of making it part of a seceret garden for the grandkids.
I've got a few years before the oldest will be big enough to play in it so if I start now I could be very creative.

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