Kitchen design, back to the drawing board

ScrappygalMay 13, 2014

So contractor says the cooktop as I had it was a no-go. Looking for input on this design. The main 2 questions...

Dining room is opposite the wall with fridge and there are no sliders or anything off it. Living room is behind the wall with the stove.

I like the peninsula where it is because it means the stools would be out of the way in the dining room, away from the living room. However, someone said maybe that it would be good to have it form the other side so that I can keep people out of my oven zone. Opinions?

Frequent questions I get-no, I will not move windows, we just put new siding on last year and I like them; also the other option is a corner dishwasher in the peninsula, but I think it would be annoying to be putting dishes in over the end rather than the side like I am now and I'd envisioned my glasses and plates in the drawers in the peninsula for it's proximity to the dining room. Opinions?

Is it weird having pantry on one side of the fridge and counter on the other? I'd put my coffee maker, toaster, ect over there and use it for pulling things out of the fridge. Might get a left open full-door fridge rather than French. Opinions?

Is it weird to have no uppers between the windows or will it make it feel more open?

Lastly, is the fridge too far away? The contractor just can't fit dishwasher and cooktop/range on the wall between the two windows.

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What exactly is the problem with swapping the fridge and range? That would be your most optimum layout.

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Just an idea...can you put the fridge where you have the range (as LWO suggests) and the range between the windows, with a prep sink on the corner, by the peninsula. This would give you a wonderful prep area!

The clean up sink, dishwasher and recycling could go on the wall (with uppers for dishes) where you currently have the fridge.

Hope this helps :)

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That's an interesting thought. It solves my current issue of taking stuff from stove to sink and walking through the walkway. Also, since the bathroom is on that wall, plumbing may not be a huge issue. The first design, we move no plumbing and electrical, which I know can save us a bundle.

Does this look like what you mean? (minus the prep sink, the software didn't have one....)

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Don't assume moving plumbing or electrical will be expensive. Get a few estimates.

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This last layout is extremely similar to mine, I'll link it below. I find it VERY functional and don't mind not having a window over the clean-up sink. I use the prep sink much more often and look out at our great room area from the peninsula.

Things come from fridge to peninsula directly behind it, then get prepped at the sink there, adjacent to the range. The clean-up sink is in the perfect location for another cook to have access to both water and the range. We store our dishes near the fridge, which also has a counter with snack area, microwave and toaster oven next to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: my finished kitchen

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I did finally put the dishwasher in the peninsula and pushed the cabinets back a foot (6 inches into the dining room as 6 inches is the current wall) and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I think if I got a regular dishwasher it will be 6 inches in front of a 30 inch sink (MIL has this and she says she doesn't mind it except when she forgets to get the dish soap out and it's behind the left door-she has a very, very tiny kitchen and had no real options) My other thought was dishwasher drawers may solve this problem.... thoughts?

I also moved the fridge to left of pantry rather than centered and I think it gives more walkway room from the foot of handles (I know I could get counter depth) I also thought then I could order my two pantries and fridge and decide after the peninsula is put in how I like it.

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