Newbie Has Some Info.

susiewantsrosesApril 12, 2009

I am new to learning the Mosaic Arts. My Son went to an art show at the Dallas TX Arboretum. Barbara Dybala had her mosaic lines on display. For all I know she is already on this forum. I searched her web site and she has some lovely pieces. My son said her large Orb's can cost up to $6,000. (???????) Anyway that put a lot of fuel to my desire to learn the art. susie

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Absolutely beautiful. Love the fairy tree. Took a while to look at every detail. Thanks for posting.


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Very interesting. Her designs are simple, and she has helpers. What a wonderful life!!! Thanks for posting the site, SUSIE. Yep - one of these days, I'm gonna build an orb.

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Yeah Slow the only helpers I have are the 2 grandkids, who as we all know can be way more help then anyone needs!!! Gotta love em though!!! Yeah I gotta get me a BB...someday!!!
Susie I think the Fairy Tree is just too cute...the Orb's are nice but no way I'd pay $6,000.00 for one!!! I gotta say I think the one Daisy just posted is way pettier!!!

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Great site Susie. Thank you for sharing it. I love it all. Especially the mural on the wall and the orbs...I found the directions on how to make the concrete spheres and just yesterday I bought the beachball to use as a mold to build I might have to mosaic them too. Going to have to get busy or the projects are going to build beyond control.

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If my neighbors woke up and saw my yard full of orbs they would go to their clean/almost empty garages and get their pitchforks (My garage is always full to overflowing). I love the Orbs too!!!! I have to say that I have never driven by a home who had a huge orb. They are gorgeous. Oh but we cant have just one. Nope. Decorate in 3's, all different sizes. Then try to weed-eat around them. lol

Micki, What are the basic steps? It would be a neat community project depending on how well it would hold up to public punishment.

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Susie, Here is the link to the site that I found the instructions on how to make the spheres. It seems to have all the info you should need to make the orbs.


Here is a link that might be useful: concrete spheres

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Oh, oh. Another "can't resist" project on my list! Thanks for all this, you two.

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