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mini_meSeptember 21, 2008

I bought a nice wicker baby basket at a thrift store and now I have no clue where to start! I can't seem to find any ideas or info on the net to "pretty" it up for use.

Anyone have ideas or know of a site that might give me some?

My dd is due with a baby girl the first week of December and I'd really like to get it set up really pretty and give it to her for a baby gift... with lots of fun Goodies" inside :)

The basket doesn't have legs so I can't make a long skirt. My dd is really into the pinks with soft browns that are popular right now.

Has anyone here fixed up a basket? Any thoughts or ideas you could share would be much appreciated!!

Thank you!

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Years ago,like 26 i did a moses basket for my new GD at the time.I made a new pad with foam,batting and fabric.Then i made pillow cases to use on it.I also covered the whole basket with quilted disney print,including the hood.I still have the cover,but no longer have the basket.

If you sew you can do the same thing.I didn't make a pattern,just measured,but if you're unsure of yourself you could make a pattern from an old sheet or something.It's not hard to do.
Let us see what you do when you're done with it.

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I notice that it has pretty rope threaded through it. Could you do some more, maybe another line just under the existing one and as you do it hang things off it on the outside. Baby toys or stars or tiny stuffed animals. You might be able to attach some things to the existing cord with pretty ribbon.

You could also spray paint the whole thing pink (tho its lovely as it is, just thinking about your daughters taste).Particularly if it will be used for decoration and storage, not for baby. I dont know anything about paint safety and babies, but you might be able to research it.

good luck, and post pics when you are done!

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Mini Me, that's a great looking baby basket. My DIL is into the pinks and browns too. Just an idea, how about hot gluing some pink/brown polka dot ribbon to the edging on the sides in a "ribbon candy" fashion. Every so often, hot glue on a baby toy or something along that line. Make a liner for the inside using soft foam which you can find at Joann's Fabric & Craft Store and cover it in a brown/pink fabric, maybe a little matching baby quilt out of the same fabric.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. You might want to post your msg/pic on the Crafts & Decorations forum and see if the gals over there can come up with some ideas.


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