Is this suspicious?

lovehadleyMay 25, 2009

Maybe I am just being paranoid...but get this...

BM's eval. is set up for this week. DH knew about it because BM had told him.

He got a letter in the mail last week--it was from his attorney, but it was just a forwarded letter from BM's attorney.

In it, BM's attorney asks DH to call the number provided to set up payment arrangements for BM's evaluation. It says if he does not pay by ___ date, BM will not be able to go to her evaluation.

So DH calls the number and gets a weird recording. It is one of those automated recordings that says you have reached 123-4567, please leave a message.

Immediately, DH and I were suspicious b/c this is a TREATMENT CENTER and you would think the voicemail would give the facility's name, right?

Nonetheless, DH left a message and waited. Two days later, he had still not heard, so he called again and got the same automated recording.

At that point, I said maybe there is a different number to call--I looked up the treatment center on google and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, BM's attorney gave DH the WRONG phone number.

The prefix she gave was 575 and the CORRECT prefix is 757.

NOW--it could totally be a typo but it just seems awfully coincidental.

Anyway, all is fine now b/c DH has the correct number...

BUT it makes me wonder, you know?

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I can see why you'd wonder --

And I remember in one of your earlier posts, you said that this time BM got herself a much better lawyer...

I'd bring this 'typo' to the attention of your own lawyer so he knows what he's up against.

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Sweeby's right. Tell your lawyer, and keep the one she sent you, so that you can show that she's not giving you correct information (if it ever becomes an issue in court).

And, I'd bet that if it was done on purpose, she's hoppin' mad that you outsmarted her!!
(Let's hope it was an accident though)

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save it and show it in court, great evidence of this lawyer covering up for his client.

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