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ancient11February 11, 2012

In the summer time you can just go out to the garden and gather your vegetables, bring them and wash them, then juice. Very elegant and simple. However this is wintertime and the garden is almost bare so one must purchase the vegetables and the nearest place to get organic vegetables is 41 miles away (82 mile round-trip) and so I find myself having to buy weekly. The little woman is screaming at me because of the refrigerator space.

I went online and found a vegetables storage set and I thought this would cure most of the space problem by being able to stack these. I got the set and it is very well constructed and has a wonderful locking mechanism but you would be lucky to get six baby carrots in the largest container � absolutely ridiculous, some so small that you couldn't get a mouthful of peanuts in it. I went to my local Walmart and downtown stores (I live in a really, really small town in the middle of no where) but could not find any thing that would work.

If anyone here has any suggestions or thoughts on vegetables storage containers, please help me out. If the little woman is not happy, believe me there is no way I'm going to be happy.

Thank you very much in advance


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I have been using Lock & Lock containers for my veggies and fruits. They have different sizes and different materials - ceramic, glass, plastic. I bought a couple sets when had a deal going, but I see they have a site. May buy some more things that are on clearance. I have plastic stuff which I like because it can go in the fridge, freezer and microwave. We have had them about a year now and so far so good.

What kinds of fruits and veg are you looking to store? If you give us more of an idea size-wise and material-wise maybe someone will have additional ideas. The folks on the Cookware and Cooking forums may have ideas too.



Here is a link that might be useful: Lock and Lock

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I like the Debbie Meyer green bags. They really do keep your fruits and veges fresh longer!
I just bought a new box today. 20 for $10, but you can wash and re-use them many times.
They make bread bags also, but I've found you have to order these on line. Nancy

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