Should I Paint This?

DandyliondebAugust 12, 2007

I bought this cabinet at Kiwanis, not really at a bargain price, but I fell in love with it and had to have it. It's perfect for my collection of silverplate items, most of which I also got at Kiwanis and other thrift stores. I was thinking of painting it, either white or barn red, maybe even black.

The finish on it is, I imagine, original as it has that old "alligator" texture to it from age. Hubby doesn't care what I do. Others say I should leave it as is.

In the link below, scroll down to the tall cabinet with glass doors.

Debbie in Florida

Here is a link that might be useful: Before & After Pix

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I love that little silverware chest you lined with Shabby-ish fabric.

Of course that doesn't answer your question-- got distracted. :-)

It really depends on what color the rest of your wood is in that room. As is, it looks fine, and the dark wood certainly does showcase your silver. I don't know if I can see red looking as good... black maybe, though.


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I like it just the way it is. I tried to picture it white, but i think either the original finish or black would be best.

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It looks real nice the way it is. Carol

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I'm the type of person who can't bear to paint old pieces, but everybody is different. I looked at your living room and dining room pictures, and I think either leave it, or if you want to paint it, paint it black. But don't paint it!

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Debbie, You're gonna laugh--when I first read your post I immediately thought of this gal on the forum here who takes a find and turns it into something breathtaking and I was going to refer you to her site for inspiration. Well, when I opened the pic in your post - "you" are the gal with the website I was going to refer you too!!! You do some pretty awesome transformations and I even forwarded your page to my Sis who likes to look at stuff like you do as she decorates in the blacks and reds and she loves toile. So how about that, I think "you" are the best person to inspire yourself as to whether you should paint this or not. (I however, think it would be fantastic painted black.)


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I wouldn't paint it NOT with the collection you currently have in it. It looks great as is.

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Everyone, thank you for the compliments! Craftylady, your comments made me feel better about my "junk". Sometimes I feel like I have a hodge-podge of a house. I guess that's why it's called eclectic.
I love this piece the way it is and the only reason I would consider painting it is because of the missing veneer on the bottom front. I would fill it in with something to make it smoothe, then paint it.
Hmmm... I'll have to think about it now that I have 2 more pieces in the living room that kind of match this piece.
Thank you for all your input.

Debbie in Florida

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beautiful remakes! Love them!

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