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rdakFebruary 3, 2002

We juice a lot at home. Mostly commonly found fruits and veggies are consumed. We have apple trees, so that is one of the main fruit ingredients.

We have a juice extractor and a Vita-Mix blender. We use the blender more often so we can get the benefits of the fiber.

Does anyone have any comments on the benefits of juicing and what are your favorite recipes?


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Great to read your post! I too have a juicer and a Vita-Mix and would not be without either of them! I believe that juicing can save lives...there are a number of web sites dedicated to the health benefits of juicing.

I drink 2-3 glasses of juice (made in the juicer) a day. One of them is always carrot juice with added barley green and a second one is frequently carrot/parsley/apple. The combination I like the best is 1 bunch of parsley, 1 apple and 2-3 carrots. My third juice of the day is either a veggie blend or a fruit juice, whatever I feel like. If you have not tried adding a green veggie to your juice, give it a go, and see how energized it makes you feel :-).

I use the VM for delicious frozen smoothies, my current favourite is banana, blueberry and pineapple with some honey and flax seed oil. I always adding the flax seed oil to smoothies because this way, I get my Omega oils in without actually tasting the oil.

What are your juice or smoothie favourite recipes?


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My favorite juice is the same as yours (i.e., apple, parsley & carrot).

Vita mix favorite is apple, cranberry.

Juice a lot of melons and citrus fruits also.

With veggies, I mix a lot of different ones. Sweet potatoes help to sweeten up juices, much like apples and carrots.

Other than apples, I don't mix fruits with vegetables.

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I like to juice fresh ginger root with a lemon or two. It's a great sauce alone or as a base, and, a great tonic if you add some honey, maybe a pinch of pepper.

Another nice addition to it (for a drink) are juiced carrots, then add some cayenne.

You won't catch the cold that's going around!

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