wonder horse tail?

nanaofiveAugust 24, 2008

Does anyone have any ideas for making a replacement tail for a Wonder type spring horse? The original one was made of some type of yarn?, I think. I am trying to make a carousel horse. My sister has made 16 of them and hers are beautiful! I would like the tail, mane and hoofs to match so I thought there must be some way to make one look nice. I prefer to recycle and reuse things rather than buy new. So, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear about them and if anyone has made a corausel horse I'd love to see pictures or a link to one! Have a great evening! TIA, Nancy

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there must be something to recycle ..I will think on it. But how about a nice fluffy cotton rag mop...Dollar General has some, anywhere from $1 to $5. It'd be a perfect tail, the mane you may have to trim some. And you could probably spray some liquid dye on it to color it to match if you're going pastel colored.My DH buys craft paint in a spray bottle that's permanent, to keep making his beret look like new:) LOL..it's about $4 a bottle at Michaels.... Add a few strands of glittery yarn,too,in the mane and tail :) I've never made any with a yarn type tail,all mine were molded plastic...so it was all painted with a crackle finish,and I don't think I have a photo,but I'll look. maybe you could braid the mane and tail,too,with some flowers and glittery yarn in it......How does your sister make hers? She probably has the best ideas...Good Luck,Nancy


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Macrame cord came in all sizes,probably get some at TS or your craft room. Home Depot probably has some ropes, if it wil be outside might want something little more weatherproof. Jute would work but lot of people are allergic to it. Jan

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Nancy, I lurk here often and rarely post, but since I am planning to do a Wonder Pony myself, I thought I'd share this with you. I saw these and saved the photo to my files, tho I am going to my own pony with a MOHAIR mane and tail for more realistic look. This person used 'pearlized' paint looks like on the ponies, and then the feather boas you can get at Hobby Lobby (or Michaels ?) in many colors.


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I gotta say...wow! I've never seen the feather boas on those before,and I used to make and sell these........makes me wanna make them again! :) You can still find these on the curb all the time..

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Nancy, if you have any extra yarn, twine or cording you could unravel it for a curly tail.

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