LOOKING for: Looking for recipe: Veggie Burgers

sharon sterleJanuary 16, 2002

Does anyone have a recipe for making veggie burgers from scratch with bulgar wheat and chick peas? I had one quite awhile ago, seem to have lost it. Thank you.


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I am a 47 year old who asked for a blood test at her primary physcian office. Who when I went for the follow-up, test results, reported that I have High Blood Pressure, High Colestral and that my Blood Sugar was up really high.

The Doctor has given me some high blood pressure pills, along with two diabetic pills to see if we can get it under control he also says that I should exercise. My big mistake was Pepsi Colas &` Kool Aid. I usually pick up one of the two before I pick up water. No water. and I know I should have 8 glass of that a day. If I'm going to try to get all of my numbers down I need to know how to eat right for life. Please help I don't want to have to be on diabetic pills all of my life or even colestral pills.

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Sharon I tried this vege burger mix and i liked it a lot.

Marylin I don't know much about diabetes but I think you are right about drinking more water.

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