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Kathryn - MichiganJanuary 31, 2001

What is it and how do I find it? Is it already yellow or do you have to prepare it? So far I've only found recipes for making yellow rice. I have heard it is good for you because it has beta-carotene in it.

I heard it on a radio talk show and all they mentioned is that Yellow Rice was good for you.

Any opinions?


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The Âyellow rice you heard about is a genetically engineered product putting three genes taken from a daffodil and a bacterium into a rice strain to produce a yellow rice with high levels of beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A within the body. A Swiss firm has spent millions creating this, which is supposed to prevent blindness in malnourished people. I believe that China is in the process of testing it. While anti-gentically modified people oppose it, others say it should be given free to those who need it.

You can read GreenPeace comments at http://www.greenpeace.de/GP_DOK_3P/STU_LANG/C05ST03.HTM

Yellow rice as a recipe usually adding saffrron to regular rice for the yellow color. It has no beta-carotene or special health benefit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Rice

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You can add a bit of powdered turmeric to rice before you cook it.It will be yellow when it's done.This is good for a Spanish or curry-flavoured dish.Turmeric is what gives curry its yellow color.It's sometimes referred to as "Poor Man's Saffron".I add approx.1/2 tsp. per 1+1/4 cups uncooked rice.

Turmeric contains active compounds good for boosting immunity & relieving pain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Healthwell.com - Turmeric

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