My Railroad Box Numbers

des_arc_ya_yaAugust 19, 2005

Think I had mentioned these before on this forum. Finally got a photo of them. The numbers were on the side of an old railroad switch box. Strangely enough, 29 is my "lucky" number and I was born in "50"!

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That it really neat. And to think the numbers where just for you. Did you have the numbers framed? My grandpa used to work for the railroad. What a great find.

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Very cool Ya Ya!! I love the old chippy stuff, so this is right up my alley!

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Nope, didn't have them framed. DH and I did them. I had a (get this!) plastic frame that was just the right size. DH took a thin sheet of plywood and reinforced the back so it would be substantial enough to hold the numbers. (They're heavy!)

The frame isn't nearly as shiny as it looks in the photo, by the way.

The old chippy that I love about them doesn't show nearly enough in the picture. The "patina" (gotta quit watching HGTV!) on them is wonderful and different on each one of them!

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Nice job! Love the way it looks.

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Those must be old - DH is a railroad engineer & he said now a days - they are all stencilled on. Lucky you - what a find !!!

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Thanks for all the nice comments. They are really one of my favorite things in my house!! The salvage yard where I got them has since closed down. (DH said it was because I bought everything and closed them down!) I used to buy things there by the pound and I bought them on a day that I had a TRUNK full of stuff and it was, like $12.00 for all of it. So, the extra $5.00 that I gave the guy to take them off made them still a bargain.

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