Question on mosaic on metal

charmoApril 28, 2009

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a little while. I have about 6-7 items which are done but still need grouting. I will post pics when they are all done. I have a question however on what to use as an adhesive for a project I want to start soon.

I have a well in my front yard which of course is covered with a metal lid. I have purchased a bunch of tiles as well as mesh because I intended to do some type of ocean scene mosaic to cover it. Because of the size of the lid and also because I didn't want to sit outside on the ground by my well the whole time, I was going to do it on the mesh and then adhere it to the lid with thinset but I now realized that thinset doesn't adhere well to metal. Does anyone know what else I could use for it? I know of course that I could use Mac glue or GE II but if I did that I cannot do it on the mesh first right? Because wouldn't the mesh somehow show? I don't know what to do, my little pee brain hurts...please help...ouch...

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I made a butterfly mosaic on top of concrete, installed on the ground outside. I used Weldbond to adhere the mosaic to mesh. I then spread thinset on top of the concrete and pressed the mesh/mosaic onto the thinset. I then grouted and sealed. It has held up beautifully for over a year now. Ordinarily I would not use Weldbond on an outdoor piece but I figured the thinset would moosh up and enclose the Weldbond and since the piece is flat (as opposed to on a wall) then the pieces aren't going anywhere anyway. I sealed it really well with a sealer that is for outdoors.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Silvamae, your butterfly looks really beautiful, it must look really good outside on the cement. I knew about using weldbond to stick the tiles to the mesh but to put the completed piece onto the metal lid, that's where my question is, because I know I cannot use thinset. I'm wondering if GEII or MacGlue as well as the grout would be good enough to adhere it to the metal.

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Oh I re-read your message and see now where you say that thinset doesn't adhere well to metal. I didn't know that. So I can't help you with that. Wait until Slowmedown comes in on this; she will know. And doesn't she use thinset on top of a metal armature to make outdoor sculptures? You said wouldn't the mesh show? It won't, because when you grout, you cover up the mesh that shows in between the tiles.

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Lordy, ladies. I am NOT the authority on thinset. I just experiment and do stuff that twirls around in my brain w/o thinking. CHARMO - I'd sure give the thinset a try. I've used it on metal - case in point is the metal finials on the four corners of "Shea's Tower" in my album. I've also used it when I put metal work in my projects. I'm just not afraid to try anything. Yes, the wire mesh/lathe that I use for armatures holds the thinset, so I don't know why it wouldn't work for your metal lid. I'm not advising anyone on anything, just telling you I wouldn't be afraid to try it. I've read others saying it doesn't stick to glass, wood etc. I keep on using it, and for me it works. Guess I don't follow other people's rules.

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you suppose the metal needs some roughing up, to give it some 'tooth'....or is that 'teeth'?

you know what I

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Thanks everyone! Slowmedown, I may do like you and try a little piece of mesh with tiles and put it on with the thinset and leave it for a while. Then if it works, I'll go ahead! Good idea! Thanks again!

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