'I wanted to buy it first'- nuts!

finedreamsMay 11, 2009

it sounds unreal. you know how some crazy BMs are upset that dad takes kids to games that mom planned on taking them (but never did)? or SM does things that mom wants to do (but never does)?

I have a funny one, funnier than those. SO's X is furious that dad bought items on the wedding registry that she sat her eye on. And she is angry that those were the most expensive items and he surely bought those to shove it in her face. LOL She also said those are things that moms buy to their daughters not dads. LOL SO cooks and bakes like there is not tomorrow so of course he bought items that he knows a lot about (like a food processor for example).

Wedding registry was available since winter, she printed it out then, but went shopping past weekend and was furious that items she likes were gone-not just gone but purchased by dad. Toc all and argue about that? bizzare.

I am waiting for her to call and yell why SO's GF (me) bought other items that she might like. LOL I would never think anyone can say such thing.

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Just goes to show what a SOB he is!

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This happened with SD's mom at Christmas. She had been asking for a few things for several months, and we got one. Low and behold that was the one mom wanted to get her, and we heard about it for not calling her first. Has she ever called us to let us know what she was buying SD? Nope, but we shoudl know to call her.
SD had also been asking for a new camera as the one we got her the year before wasn't working well when she opened it. We told her to put it away and we would return it. Instead, she got it out and put stickers all over it so we couldn't do anything. It still doesn't work well, but we said we wouldn't do anything about that since she opted not to listen to us. I explained to BM that this was why we wouldn't be buying another camera this year. So what do you think she got SD. Yep - a camera. Hmmmm. . . . .

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I don't get these people. Why such competition? But the funny thing is when they are asked to pay for something or do something they can't. Yet they compete.

X doesn't contribute anything for DD27 wedding, not a penny, and no emotional energy. So SO asked if she could at least pay for younger DD20 ticket(destination wedding), she refused. Her reason: I have to buy airplane ticket for my BF to attend the wedding, he lost his job and can't afford his own ticket. I am not kidding.

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Always a competition???? whaaaaaa!

When i had my registry, things were bought but the who bought them was kept private. I only found out wheni recieved them and open a card.
How does bm know your dh bought them?
And my father bought me areallly expensive juicer! so men can buy cook wear...what the heck? Its for his daughter.
And she had 5 months to buy somethignonthe list. She was waiting for your dh so she can scrap it out. WHAT A LOSER!
Sounds exactly what our bm would do. She waits or creates a 'trap fight' as i call it. she doesn't do it too often now...but it stillhappens.
Too bad. tell her to buy something else onthe list! or get creative andbuy somethingoff the list!

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I know exactly what you mean!

SO's X is always competing with SO. SO bought his DD a camera one year. An inexpensive one. She dropped it and broke it. The very next holiday, BM bought her a $200 camera.

SO bought his DD a cell phone a few years ago. A year ago, BM bought her a cell phone and even got her a brand new plan on another carrier without even talking to SO about it (knowing that she was already on our plan and it had a contract). Supposedly the excuse was that BM got a new plan through this other carrier. Actually that's not true because we have since found out that she is still with the first carrier (because we are with them as well and it doesn't charge us when SO talks to her).

SO bought his DD an iPod when they first came out. It was actually BM's idea. This past year, BM bought her an iPod Touch.

It doesn't matter what we do. It's all about what benefits BM. If BM doesn't want to pay for something, then it benefits her to want us to do it. But if SO's DD loves the thing, BM will make sure that SHE is the one that gets it for her the next time.

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I am not certain who's competing with who here.

"SO bought his DD an iPod when they first came out. It was actually BM's idea"

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Ashly how old is your SO daughter? Bm bought her a 200$ camera???? That's alot of cash to blow on a kid. Unless they got great grades and its their sweet 16 gift or something. Of course mommy had to get something better than last year to top dad's gift eh? stupidity.....and you know who is probably laughing?? your sd..cause both parents are acting like this.....for shame.
In our case, it wasn't only competition from bm in the early years...thank God both of them stopped now..my dh and his ex i mean....in the past she expected my dh to buy duplicate stuff for the kids..and the kids would expect it...as in 2 bikes, 2 skates..etc..etc...my dh said no way.....you got one..it travels with ya!

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BM knew that dad bought those gifts because when she didn't see items in a store (actually two stores) she called DD27 and asked what happened wiht thsoe items. DD27 of course said oh I just got them from dad by mail (we send gifts ahead of time, plus DD27 has no bridal shower). that's how BM knew who bought them. But there are plenty of other things there. And if she wants to spend more she can but several gifts.

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