Metal or wood tray dividers?

lmsscsMay 1, 2013

I wanted to do the wood tray dividers both from an aesthetic standpoint and I thought wood would be nicer to my pans than metal. However my KD was discouraging me from wood because in his opinion it wears compared to metal. What are people's experiences? I'll be putting sheet pans, baking dishes, cooling racks, and other misc pans between them.

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My Mom has had wood tray dividers in her cupboard since 1977. I haven't specifically looked for wear, but they certainly work just fine, have held up well, and look great. I would much rather have wood than metal, just from an acoustic standpoint.

How much wear will be inflicted on the dividers?

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I have wood dividers built in to my cab over the oven for sheet pan, cooling rack, and extra cutting boards.

My cab maker forgot to build wood ones into a cab in my DR I wanted to use for tray storage so he installed some after-market metal ones. Given the noise those make with my large metal and glass trays, I'm glad to have wooden ones over my oven. The metal, however, is more sturdy.

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My dividers are wood and some are composite in the drawers - It is cheap to replace the composite ones in the drawers but only expect to do that every 10-20 years based on using the same product at the hospital in our therapy dept and how long it lasts.
I wouldn't like the rattle of metal on metal.

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breezy, that is exactly what I was thinking of using. I'll have to investigate more because the KD mentioned something about edge banding so they may be using thicker dividers. Thank you for the input.

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