LOOKING for: vegetarian andouille sausage

MeghaneJanuary 14, 2003

I'm hooked on Morningstar Farms breakfast patties. I was wondering if anyone has made a reasonably good andouille sausage from vegetarian sources, like veggie crumbles or other "sausage" products or maybe something I don't know about. I'm not vegan.

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Me, too. I'm hooked on nearly everything Morningstar Farms offers. I'm not sure what andouille sausage is but, according to Webster, it's "spicy pork sausage." Have you tried Boca's sausages? There's an Italian that I smother in sauteed onions, green peppers and mushrooms. I think it's pretty dry without the toppings but pretty good with them. They also have something they call Bratwurst. I have it in the freezer but haven't tried it yet. I'm planning to pair it with sauerkraut.

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GemmeLean sausage flavor is an excellent sausage substitute. It's usually kept in the produce department in grocery stores. I rate it higher than either Boca or Morning Star. I made sausage stuffing to go along with our nutmeat roast for Thanksgiving last year, even the meat-eaters at the table thought it was tasty.

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Boca makes Italian and smoked sausages, and also a bratwurst that is great baked with sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Sometimes I wonder if we like just because we've eaten it for so long, or if it's really good. Hard to tell...

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