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shermpJanuary 18, 2011

I am moving away from recipes with dairy and would like to replace it. Any suggestions?

For example, veggie pot pies usually call for milk or cream.


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in veggie pies you could use veggy broth, soy milk, or almond milk

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Hard work. I understand anyone wanting to remove dairy, but replacing that nutrition is not easy and requires dedication. The average vegan is under nourished.
Things I would do
1) Make vast quantities of vegetable stock and put it in everything. Roast vegetables with onions, garlic, herbs on a high heat until they are just browning, put in a pot with COLD water and bairly simmer for a few hours. Things that add flavor to veg stock: celery, bay, celery root(celeriac),caraway,just about any herb, paprika (add while roasting veg), plus all the usual vegetables.

Soy milk and almond, as suggested are great, if you are made of money. I love em but expensive.

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When making soup, I like to puree raw cashews that have been soaked in water for a couple of hours with a little bit of the soup. Makes it taste creamy. I usually do this when I have used no other oil when making the soup.

For a dessert "cream" I do much the same. Puree soaked cashews with water, a couple of dates, and vanilla. Put it over fresh fruit like blueberries and strawberries. Yum.

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Silken tofu is often substituted for cream, sour cream, yoghurt, and some cheeses.

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Dairy products provide great nutrition for baby cows. Approximately 75% of adult humans are lactose intolerant. I fear "the average" human is "under nourished". I've been vegan for nearly 35 years. I became vegan for many reasons, but from the outset studied every bit of nutritional information I could. So, not under nourished.

The suggestions of various milk alternatives are all great. Depends on
personal preference and nutritional objectives. Regarding "cashew cream", I soak organic, raw casews overnight in a vacuum sealed mason jar. Drain and put in the Vita Mix with just enough water to cover. Wiz till, literally, creamy. With the Vita Mix be sure not to let it cook the cream. It freezes wonderfully. Makes great "cream soups" and a base for "Alfredo" like pasta sauce. Also great added to a marinara type sauce, added at the end of cooking. Depending on flavor profile you want, peanuts or almonds are great for this as well. And nutritional powerhouses.

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you could use coconut milk or cream in many recipes.

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I am vegetarian and my wife and I always use almond milk or soy milk and it works wonderfully

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I have been cooking with westsoy organic unsweetened soy milk for a couple of years now. (I use that brand 'cause it is the only one I can find with only soybean and water in it).

I think it tastes better in gravy and soups than milk. We first had the most wonderful gravy at a cafe in Florida some years ago and I kept bugging the waitress about it until the cook came out and told me it was soymilk. I have been cooking with it ever since.

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I use almond milk. Get the unsweetened for cooking. The sweetened or vanilla flavored is good if you are making pudding.

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I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk. You can also try coconut milk.

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Silken Tofu?

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Approximately 75% of adult humans are lactose intolerant.

Would you like to produce any statistics to support that wildly inaccurate and misleading claim?

Lactose intolerance is directly related to genetics. Certain ethnic populations tend to be predisposed to lactose intolerance, the highest being east Asian. It also tends to be more common with people from a Mediterranean heritage. In those with a northern European heritage, the occurrence is quite low, only about 5%.

The statisic of interest here, according to the international medical community, is that 65% (not 75%) of the adult human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. And reduced ability does not translate directly to intolerance.

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