RECIPE: Please forgive me for this question

oak_stJanuary 31, 2003

What do you guys do to bind yourself up a bit? It seems like everything comes out too fast.

I get about 1/3 of my protein from nuts, 1/3 tofu, 1/3 everywhere else.

Too many veggies, but not enough of what? bread? How much bread?


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Hi Marianne - I'm ova-lacto so it's not a problem for me. Cheese, cheese, cheese. If you're not eating dairy, then I don't know. Any ideas, vegans?

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Hi Marianne,

Perhaps my grasp of English is not the best, but are you talking about bowel movements? I've been a vegan for years and everything seems to work just as it was intended.

Forgive me if I have misunderstood what you are asking!


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