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lafaciaMay 24, 2013

Can you help me decide on pull size (all the same or different) and how many pulls on each drawer? Thanks!

drawer sizes:
14 3/4"
16 1/2"
33 1/4"

all inset shaker drawers

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I went all the same except my giant pull out pantry.
I had many of the same size drawers plus a 42. 30 inch and larger I used 2 pulls
All were 5 inch arch pulls.
Badger and breezy used various size pulls.
I think there was a thread to make the pulls 1/3 of drawer width but some go wider and others less.
Since I would have needed so many different sizes, I stuck with one.
Have fun

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I am in the same phase (more or less - my cabinets aren't in yet). But my new layout and cabinets will be similar to what I have now.

I ordered a couple of pulls I liked in two different sizes. What I thought I would like in my head wasn't so great in my hand, so I'm really glad I tried these out! I was also planning on horizontal pulls on the uppers, because I love the look in many kitchens I've seen here, but it didn't look so good in my space (I have no idea why).

I think we'll use 5" pulls on all the lowers: mostly drawers, plus sink cab doors, a 9" tray cabinet, and an angled corner cabinet. I expect that we'll do all horizontal on the bases. I do have one drawer stack 34" wide, with two narrow drawers at the top - the big drawers will each get 2 pulls. I am planning for 1 pull on 24" drawers.

For uppers, I liked 3-3/4" pulls the same style, mounted vertically. The only exception will be pull-outs (like a trash pull-out) over the fridge - I feel like those should be mounted horizontally, just so I can reach them! And they will be the larger size.

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The pulls I have chosen only come in 4" or 6" so I guess I'm 6" all around? Is that okay on 14 3/4 or too big?
And two pulls on the 30, 33 and 36? I'm doing knobs on upper cabinet doors. Thought about pulls but I decided on knobs...
Annkh did you end up going smaller or larger than you thought you would like?
a2gemini, I like the idea of all the same size too... but open to any and all suggestions!

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Holly- Kay

I fretted over the size of my hardware because my current kitchen had 3 inch pulls that were so puny looking on bigger cabinets.

I finally found hardware that I loved, Most of my pulls are 96mm. I am using 6 inch double pulls on my deep 36 inch drawers and a single 6 inch on a more shallow 36 inch drawer. I am using one appliance pull on my dw because I was worried that a smaller pull wouldn't do the job. When I received my hardware I found that the 96 mm probably would have been fine for all the cabinets except for the dishwasher cab. I am only using knobs on the smaller cabs over the cooktop, oven, fridge, and pantry.

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Have you tried doing a search for this site? You'll find lots of good threads and info. I'll link a few, some of which contain my replies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pull size thread

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Another good thread with drawer sizes and pull info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another pull size thread

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I'm using 128 mm on the lowers and 96 mm on the uppers. My drawers are closer in size though, 27/30/30 with one pull each. With such a spread in your widths, you could easily decide on the smaller pulls for some and the larger pulls for larger drawers. Or use all smaller pulls and for larger drawers put 2. I opted for one pull each because the odds of me ever using both pulls to evenly open it are approaching zero.

I was struggling too, I thought the next size up was what I wanted. Then I mocked up a drawer front from one of the (many) boxes here and a marker. I rigged up something to hold the pulls on where I wanted them. It took longer to mock up the drawer than it did to decide at that point! It was clear which one I liked better. Get some pull samples and a marker and you will know quickly.

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It's a bit overwhelming. The third rule makes sense to me except that I have some 30, 33 and 36" drawers. Hardware I picked doesn't come in larger than 8" and I'm not sure I would even like a 10-12" pull. I think I can make 6" work - or at least try it out - but do you think I should use 4" on my 14 3/4 inch drawers? How about this?

drawer sizes:
14 3/4" - 4"
21" - 6"
36" - 2 6" pulls
16 1/2" -6"
30" - 2 6" pulls
24' - 6"
33 1/4" - 2 6" pulls

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I think your choices work well. I might, however, do 6" pulls everything and call it a day.

I used 8" pulls on my wide 38" drawers also as that's as wide as my pulls came.

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Sorry to be so indecisive! I just cant quite commit to a plan. Breezy, I just looked at your kitchen photos. That's a single 8" pull on your widest drawers? And how wide are those drawers?
I think I'm good with 6" pulls on all drawers but wondering if I can do an 8" pull on 30, 33 and 36 without needing to do two 6" pulls???

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Holly- Kay

You may want to get at least one sample of each. I only ordered a knob for color comparison. When my pulls came in I was surprised by their heft and weight. If I had known how hefty they were I might have used all 96mm all around. I am very pleased with what I am doing but I could have gone smaller.

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We all have been there. For me, I decided that one size pull would balance the kitchen as I also have a lot of different size drawers.
I think my smallest is 14 inches and the 5 inch works fine. You can go to a local box store and find the sizes you need to test the sizes before you order.
I am on the road or I would send you pictures but if you search for a2gemini final reveal, you can see how the pulls balance the kitchen (remember I did use larger pulls on the giant pantry)
I used all pulls and no knobs.

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Here are my stack and pull sizes:

30-38" wide stacks have 8" pulls
18-24" stacks have 6" pulls
17" drawers have 4" pulls

I personally dislike two smaller pulls on drawer fronts as its too busy for me. I have a thing for simplicity. YMMV. :)

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I got another sample in the mail today, and that changed everything! I loved the first sample I got, but I didn't like the larger size on the uppers. The new one is only slightly different, but the look on the uppers is completely different. Arrgh! I just told my husband I think if I got 20 samples, I'd always like the new one the best!

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I have a slightly more contemporary look in my kitchen and I used several sizes of pulls. I used 10 in. pulls on all my doors and on my drawers I used pulls that were actually about half the drawer width. My 36 inch drawers have 19 inch pulls and the 24 inch wide drawers have 12 inch pulls. I have 10 inch pulls on my 18 inch drawers. I have some drawers that are only 13 inches wide and those have the 6 inch pulls.
You really can do what ever you like as far as pulls go. you don't have to follow any "rules"
I have shown this picture to many times but in case you want to see what various oversize pulls look like on some of my drawers here it is once again:

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We used rolled up aluminum foil to test out sizes. We taped them to the doors with blue painters tape and stood back to see how the sizes looked. We also purchased several different samples (about 6 total) because I'd rather spend a few extra dollars now then regret it hundreds of dollars later.

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