What's the strangest thing you used ?

toomuchglassAugust 28, 2007

This forum is just awesome .... I've seen stuff used that I never thought would ever be useful !! What's the strangest material you've ever made anything out of ?

(-- or the strangest thing you've ever made ? )

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DUH - I forgot to say my strangest thing I've used to make something - a mannekin , high heeled shows & a mannekin foot. I mosaiced them all !

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I mosaiced my name to a tree 20 years ago and it still there

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Well, to-date I'd say my weirdest project involved making the garland out of Marshmallow Peeps.

But right now I'm working on a project with a tin ceiling tile that originally was going to be a painting... and has instead evolved to involve Sculpey...

So, I question my own sanity periodically, really. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/vintage decorating blog

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Sculpy ceiling tiles ????????? COOL ! Now that's something I can get into !!

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I can't even call it a t2t project, because it's just a thing that I gave another use to: but the weirdest thing I have at the moment is the foot of an old floor lamp that I'm using as a coat rack. Huh? It's one of those lamps with a half circle construction on a pole with a ring on top, that held a glass ball (probably). It's just perfect to hang my coat hangers on. Serves me fine untill I find that wall coat rack that I'm still looking for.

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Made a cardboard box into a coffin...it was a prop for Halloween. Took a tomatoe cage and flipped it upside down and made it into a topiary base, I've used styfoam packing peanuts strung together as garland on our Christmas tree, it looks like snow and the kids flip out at ages 28,23 and 22 if I don't use that particular garland on the tree every year!

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hey, good to see you here, toomuch...
I don't come over here often but thought I would check things out this afternoon.

one of my favorite trashy things to redo, is the infamous old, discarded dome lid barbeque grill.
I have 3 of them..
one is full of potting dirt, with gloves and trowel inside, with the vents closed, to keep rain out. it's handy, at a moment's notice.
one is full of dirt for trailing plants
one is out there somewhere in the yard, empty..waiting to become my worm bin.
line it with cardboard and fill it with a layer of dirt and start adding the scraps..I have enough piled up now, to go ahead and get it going..near the kitchen door.
right now, the current worm bin is in a 'tough stuff' wagon that the kids (grands) don't use anymore. I can pull it around to where ever I want..it's portable and just the right size.
the barbques are also with wheels, so they can also be hauled around..and if one wants..painted nice bold colors.
they don't need to stay the ugly old black or dark blue colors.

oh yeah...also in the yard is a futon frame, folded down... that is holding about a dozen potted plants..larger than the gallon size and off the ground, so slugs won't get to them.

old work boots, to plant sedums...I have about a dozen of those.
and kids' rain boots for the same thing.

I get myself into much trouble by watching the home improvement programs and the trash to treasure and thrifty ideas all day long..
HGTV is my best friend and worst nightmare, all at the same time!!
I can't throw a dammmed thing away!

Becky .(*_*).

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well, since the last post, I went ahead and got the worm bin all done.
put in the layers of the cardboard, the clean compost to start it, then scraps and a final layer of compost.
the worms in there already must be very happy. now all they need to do is eat and get plump...what a life.
till fishing season opens..lol


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A worm bin is definitely different.

I was thinking yesterday, because my mailman loves to leave the rubber bands that hold the mail together all over my front walk, to create a little 'Rubber Bands Go Here, Please' box for him at the front door. Something Victorian to go with the rest of the house. :-) I wonder whether he'd use it.

Oh, I finished the Tin Ceiling Panel Sculpey project... I don't know if I like it or not, but you know how these things go. You've got to try the crazy to see what actually is so crazy it works.

I'll add the link below so you can see the photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tin Ceiling Tile with Sculpey Rose

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Nice sculpey rose, Jenn!

Let's see what is the weirdest thing I have used ... probably the most recent weird thing I used was the remains of a halogen floor lamp. It might even have looked like kobus1's coat rack. It was a tower type structure with shelves and at the top was a rounded glass shade that must have broken. It was by the dumpster when I spotted it and saw its potential as a holder for my mosaicked bowling ball! So my B/F took it apart, made it shorter and voila! It is now a lovely stand for my bowling ball.

My B/F likes to use old cosmetic cases ... you know the kind that are hard and rectangular that women packed with their makeup and toiletries when traveling ... for tool boxes. They are tough, small enough to be handy and fit most hand tools. So everytime he sees one at a GS or TS, he picks it up. Trouble is, how many tools can a guy have? lol

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Hello - new here, and intrigued by the question. Mine is not so strange, but it represents something important to me. Before my nice neighbor bought the house next door, the former owner had rented his mom's house when she went into a nursing home. And although I understand people love chimnea's, the renters fired theirs up every single day when it wasn't winter or raining. The smoke filled my house with sickening smoke smell constantly, and I could never open the windows for fresh air. I was ready to sell, when the house went on the market,and the son allowed me to haul over to my house the rusted chimney'd unit. I was afraid that new owners might use it! I will remove and discard the ugly chimney top and middle bulbous grated sides of the unit, leaving a rather pretty and large basin on ornamental legs. With a little elbow grease and rustoleum, I expect to have a lovely planter to display fragrant flowers next spring!!! Ahh, fresh air, and an attractive view!

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Interesting question... I stuck a table frame on top of 4 posts and made an arbor? Turned out pretty cool

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I use a coat/hat rack for a plate holder.

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Hi, I only occasionally lurk here but I love T2T!

One of our successful T2T finds that we used for probably about 25 years and recently sold in our yard sale were some cast iron water heater bases we collected in the 70's. DH had sets of 2 of them braised together and we used them as coffee table and end table bases with 1/2" glass tops cut to fit. The really amazing thing is that a few years after we did them I saw a pic of the exact same thing in a home decor mag, purported to be in a New York city apartment!

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Lilym, I love the texture of your plate holder. and what a great idea! Did you do the finish?

Nicethyme, I would really love to see a pic of your arbor.

I'm going to make some old-looking ladders out of some broken down pallets that have been out in the weather for a while and some catalba trees. The wood from the trees lasts forever and each slat from the pallet can be cut to make about 2 rungs. The ladder looks rally cool when finished. I'm going to use 3 of them for my confederate jasmine vines next to my back porch (when I finish procrastinating!)

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lol...loved this question!! I found 2 old wooden window frames...glass was still in perfect condition in one window, both the frames were a bit weathered...one became a cork board for my sons room, and the other became a calender...I used small thin tape on the back side of the window to make a calender grid and I now use permant markers to write the dates and month in once every month...sort of like a dry erase board, which I started out using dry erase markers but the kids kept messing up the calender and things would get wiped off by "accident"...permant markers work great just some windex and some elbo grease and I can change out the dates, months...it's neat to look at since I have left the window clear the way I found it...I've had alot of people ask me to make them one! I can sooo feel the creativity bubbling up since I have found this new web site!!!! wink, wink!!

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I guess that would have to be the palm tree logs and scrap lumber. I picked them up off the side of the road after a hurricane, cut the to be the same height and buried them about 8 inches into the ground,leaving about 2 feet above. I nailed some of the scrap lumber together and then screwed it onto the logs, making a cool bench for my garden.

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Toomuchglass and nicethyme.......I think our Mosaic frying
pan's were the weirdest thing I ever used!


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Oh yeah - I forgot about them - definately the most Unusual thing !!! LOL

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I have used ceramic/slate floor tiles and turneed them into hot plates by adding felt to the back of them and on some i used tiny wooden legs to add a bit of height and keep the heat away from the tables. I have also added pictures of friends and family to them then sealed the pic and added the tile to a wall. I have used feathers to turn into flowers, turned dog fur (from our wolf)THe down part into wool and then knitted it into scarves.

I have patchworked peices of various members clothing and right now i am using fur coats that we left to us by my mother (14 of them that she collected) into pillows, small blankets and throws, and i have also used some of the peices for small blankets for the humane society to use for their foster babies. i love finding ways to use or recycle items.

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I found a large wooden cutting board shaped like a pig, but the front was badly scratched and gored? I flipped it where it was smoother, painted it white, did some "One Stroke" flowers on it and wrote " Please don't hog the bathroom." I hung it in my bathroom above the tank under the vanity cabinet.

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Old, rusty garden tools gotten from freecycle as junk art in the garden. People are always saying "did you know there are shears stuck in the ground there?" or "Did you know you left your hoe out?" I explain that these things have outlived their usefulness, and have been recycled as art. It always gets a laugh.

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Took a tomato cage,turned it upside down and wrapped it in green garland,put white lights on it and decorated it as a xmas tree.Did this about 11 or 12 years ago for a store i worked in,and when we took it down i got to bring it home.Have used it almost every year since in my house,as one of my trees.

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Dryer Lint.

I've been saving dryer lint for a long time.

Mix liquid starch with dryer lint, press it into
a mold and wa-la!

The Ooga Booga Tiki Man. Hubby's family is having
a big shindig this fall, and since we're hosting it,
I decided a Luau would be the best theme.

Ooga Booga will be there, too!

Karen Marie

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I taught school 28 years and traveled to four different campuses. When I retired I took the black plastic file folder box that I carried for years, took the top off and planted petunias in it!! Sat the box down in a seatless chair (painted it bright red) and smiled everytime I looked at that old file box! LOL

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I used styrofoam to create arches in my kitchen. I could not think of a way to do it, so I cut out foam arcs, glued them together, then glued them to the beam in the doorway. Then I plastered the walls with stucco, and plastered the foam, too.

Turned out great, and no one knows it was sytrofoam.

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Hi, it's probably been done before, but I picked up an old basement sink (the square plastic kind with 4 tall legs and a very deep bowl) at a garage sale, and it's now a great planter, with built in drainage! I just put a piece of plastic canvas over the hole.

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Lucy,I have one of those sinks,mine holds some of my extra pots in the side garden.

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Hi, I'm new here, too but this struck me kind of funny. I started thinking about the time years ago that I took apart an ugly brass chandelier and used part of it as a candle holder. I spray painted it with that textured metallic paint in a dark bronze color and it sat on the fireplace in my bedroom. Then just a few weeks ago my son had to do a project at school. He chose to do a trophy for the Iditarod dog sled race. We used a wood plaque on the bottom, a block of wood, the t2t candle holder/old lamp part thing, a small Spongebob play ball (I know, crazy, huh?) and a plastic german shepherd on top, then spray painted the whole thing gold! Remarkable how a German Shepherd can turn into a Siberian Husky when it's gold (except for the curly tail)...HA! We...I mean HE...got an A+ on the trophy, I'd call that a treasure 2 treasure. LOL!

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We sell industrial supplies and a customer ordered a 36" dome mirror. It's a mirror used at intersections in factories, it's basically a ball of mirror cut in half. Well, UPS damaged one in shipment and the manufacturer didn't require us to return it. So I have an amazing gazing ball in the center of my rose bed! It looks like a giant ball bearing fell into the earth! Drove my dogs and the robins crazy when we first put it out there.

Before that went in, I had a bird bath made from my Mom's old plastic satellite dish. She had the 3 foot plastic one. I removed all the 'thingies' and plugged the screw holes with silicone. We set it on a table base that I had broken the glass top out of (accidentally!). The birds loved it!

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