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j_k_wAugust 5, 2010

We have a sofa that some ambitious soul in the past tried to reupholster from scratch and failed miserably, and it's way past time to fix it. I've helped my mother reupholster garage-sale finds and understand the concept of reverse-engineering an upholstery project by using the bones, padding, original fabric as template, etc.; the problem is, because of the incredibly bad current upholstery job, this sofa has nothing I can use except the wood frame.

It's a contemporary sofa with lines that shouldn't be difficult to reconstruct in fabric for a decent job, I just can't use the too-soft, miscut, sagging padding, and I don't know anything about padding a frame from scratch.

Anybody know any fairly easy to understand and really good books on basic upholstering? My local library has tons of choices at various branches, but I'd like to get an opinion on relative usefulness before I start requesting every book they have (or getting interlibrary loans).


P.S. I've linked to a sofa that looks exactly like ours, just shorter.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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WOW! I love that sofa. It would be an easy upholstery job.....but the only book I own was not helpful. It was full of pictures and lengthy descritions.....just nothing I could relate to. I'd do like you said....get a bunch of library books. They don't cost anything....then plow right in!! You'll be fine....

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You are making it harder than it has to be. The answer is slip covers. Slip covers are now ready made in many styles, sizes and colors, and do not cost much. Do a google search for slip covers, and your problem will be solved.

Here is a link that might be useful: coloritbeautiful

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What does that poorly constructed link have to do with this post?

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I have Simply Upholstery and another book, which i cannot remember the name of. I thought it was very helpful. I would check out the section in your library that talks about padding; you should be able to find one that gives you what you need for this part.

Does your sofa have the piping like the picture posted? Piping will be the only hard thing and it just makes that sofa so I would not skip it. The best piece of advice I can give you is to use taught, no-stretch fabic.

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