Advice on repairing these antique leaded glass cabinet doors, pls

pudgybabyApril 19, 2011

Hi - this is my first post in this forum. I post a little in some of the other forums, though.

I bought these 3 antique leaded glass doors off of craigslist. They are really beautiful, but need a fair amount of work. The glass is broken in about 1/2 of the panes. It is antique glass with slight waviness and imperfections. The caming on one of the doors is bent in a bit (it looks like someone stepped on it - I saw what looked like part of a shoe footprint on it). But otherwise the caming appears to be in good shape, no cracks and the joints are still joined. The wood (cherry?) is in very good shape, the frames are strong and square. Each door also has half of the original brass catch, all in good working condition.

These doors are large: 4 ft by 2 ft. We don't have specific plans for them, but would like to use them in a built-in for our family room. They may be too big, though. Our house is a traditional style 2-story built in 1975 in a Denver suburb, so nothing special.

I would like to get these doors repaired by someone (I have never done any stained glass work) but I am afraid it will be very expensive. Is it possible to find an artist/craftsman that would take this on, or do I need to go to a company that does this type of repair work? Any guesstimate on what this might cost? I may just end up re-selling them, but they are so pretty!

Thanks for your help!

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Hi There, those are great!! And they don't have beveled edges on the glass, so it would be a simpler task to repair/replace, that said, I would not know as to a cost for repair, but a stained glass shop is about your best bet.

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There is a stained glass shop in our area that does a lot of stained and leaded glass repair. Along with classes and selling glass, I think it is a major art of their business. We had to have a piece or two of our front door replaced (beveled, of course) and that's how I found them. The number of broken pieces concerns me, but I have no idea whether that will be a problem other than the cost of repairing more of them. Be glad they aren't beveled -- you pay by the inch for custom beveled edges. Hope you can find a good shop near you.

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