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shaysJanuary 23, 2005

I have a 62 page word document to share thru the email, of vegetarian recipes. I bought this on ebay for about a buck from a lady in England, so some of the ingredients might not be readily available in every locality. It is FULL of great recipes that I think anyone would enjoy. Email me if you'd like me to email this to you. Sandy

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Alexina Properties

Hi Shays,
I would love to have the recipes. DH and I have been vegetarians for 17 years but I find myself in a rut on recipes so would love to have it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Hi Sandy -
I just sent you an email under separate cover (so you'd have my return address). Thanks for the offer.


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I second the tom parm. I just made a green tomato parm 2 nights ago. It was Fantastic!
I accidently knocked off 2 green tom's off a plant and decided I'd try something different. I dipped in egg batter, coated in crumbs and baked at a high temp to stay away from oil (breading sucks the stuff right up) and than layered the breaded tom with a low fat ricotta and topped off with low fat mozzerella cheese and red sauce, baked it and it was wonderful.

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