tin man

OklaMoniAugust 8, 2005

YaYa, this one is for you! :)


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Awww...he's neat. A friend of mine passed one up like that in a store once and has always regretted it. Thanks, Moni.

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What a great Tin Man. That would be soooo cute in a garden. My aunt as always wanted to make one. I'll have to show her this one. Thanks for sharing.

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Cheri, thought I had saved the directions for making one and I couldn't find it. Bet you can find them online somewhere.

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Really cute! Can you do a lion and a scarecrow now?

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This came from a search that resulted in instructions from Hobby Lobby.
 Awl or Ice Pick
 Heavy Wire or Clothes Hanger
 Wire Cutters
 2 - 1" Wood Screws
 1 - 1/2" Metal Screw with Nut
 2 - 1" Moveable Eyes
 32 oz. Coffee Can
 13 oz. Coffee Can
 20 oz. Fruit Pie Filling Can
 4 - 15 3/4 oz. Vegetable Cans
 2 - Sardine Cans
 4 Soft Drink Cans
 Krylon® Silver Spray Paint
 Acrylic Paint - Black, Red
 6" Funnel
1. Open tops of each can and remove contents.
Drain cola cans. Spray all cans and funnel with silver
paint. Spray funnel inside and out. Let dry completely.
2. With an awl or ice pick, punch holes in vegetable
cans, each side, 1/2" from top and bottom.
Punch holes in the cola cans, each side, 3 1/2"
from the bottom. Turn vegetable cans upside down over the cola cans until the first set of
holes on the vegetable can meet the holes on the cola can. Run a 3 3/4" piece of wire
through both cans; bend ends of wire. You have just made the arms and legs.
3. Turn sardine cans with open side down (feet). Place each leg combo on the backside of a
sardine can. Run wood screw from open side of sardine can through bottom of cola can to
attach feet to leg.
4. Turn the 32 oz. coffee can (body) upside down and punch a hole in the center bottom.
Punch holes on each side, top and bottom, 1/2" from edge. Punch holes in the fruit can
(neck) 2 1/2" from the bottom on each side, and one hole in the center of the bottom. Set
neck right side up on the body. Bolt together using a screw and nut.
5. Punch holes in the 13 oz. coffee can (head) in the
center bottom and on each side 1 1/2" from the open
end. Cut a 20" piece of wire, bend one end. Run up
through can, leaving bent end inside can. Drop funnel
(hat) upside down over wire and let slide down to
rest on top of the head. Curl the top of the wire; this
will prevent the wire from coming out and will also be
your tin man's hanger. Place the head down over the
neck until the holes meet. Run a 4 1/2" piece of wire
through the holes; bend at both ends.
6. Place legs inside open end of body and attach
a leg to each side of the body by running a 7"
piece of wire through holes. Bend wires at the
end. Arms are attached to the outside of the body
with a 13" piece of wire.
7. Glue the eyes approximately 1 1/2" from the
top of the head. Paint nose, mouth, and ears.
Three 1" crcles (buttons) are painted on body. All
are black. A red heart is painted on the left side of
the chest.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hobby Lobby TinMan

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Mel said it took him several trips to the hardware store till he got the tin man all together. Not that he minded, he is an avid cyclist, and got to ride about 27 miles round trip for each time. :)
He did not have any plans, just saw one once.


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