looking for: ny times veg. cookbook rice/nut loaf?

Carol_AnnJanuary 18, 2007

I have an old copy of the NY Times Vegetarian Cookbook that has a great nut loaf recipe in it... it also has cooked brown rice in it. Unfortunately, all my books are in storage at the other side of the country. Does anyone happen to have this recipe/cookbook and could you share it with me if you do? The recipe I'm looking for has:

cooked brown rice

ground nuts


herbs (including sage)

onion, celery

nutritional yeast (I think)

soy sauce (I think)

NO cheese.

And I'm not sure if I'm forgetting anything. If I was sure I could remember all the ingredients I'd just experiment but I might have left something out. Can you help? Many thanks!!

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This has been up here forever, and I found the recipe, so I'm replying to myself so it can drift down...

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I'm amused; here it is nearly a year later, and this question is still on the first page. This isn't a high-volume forum, is it.

Carol Ann, would you post the recipe? I'd love to have it. I like trying things that other people have already found to be good!

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hi guys,
i just found a website about a cookery book, i tried several recipes and it's great. even my children ve eaten the veggies which is a miracle. www.freshlegumes.com apparently its french .... and full of idea for fast food ...
take a look, hehe

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