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ohiopond4meAugust 16, 2008

Ok, everyone here is the deal, I love using what I can, but I am stuck on this one, so am looking for some help,,,in my kitchen on a wall where I have some bottom cabints, countertop an my microwave sets on counter, I am trying to find a shelf to hang between ceiling and backsplash, my space is 54 inches long and about 18 inches tall, my kithcen is done in country primitives, I like old "junk", I kind of want something I can hang pots pans an maybe some baskets on, I was hopin maybe someone had made something like this, or could help me design something,,I am open to anything, let me know ,,,steph

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Old trellis, crib rail (Side of a crib)
A crib rail works great for hanging stuff on. S hooks bought at the hardware store fit nicely on the rails.

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I like to see an old tool box with handle turned sideways and used for a shelf, putting the actual bottom of the box against the wall. This gives you a top shelf, an "inside the box" shelf and the handle to hang things from. Follow the link to see a photo of the type of box I'm referring to. Just an idea!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tool box picture

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Marlene Kindred

You could also find or construct a ladder to use as shelving...

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Someone even used an old window hung from the ceiling to hang pots/pans from,I think I saw it on Roboladys site, on the window section. I bought an old ladder to hang for pots and pans, but then the DH bought me a wrought iron pot rack at a yard sale,so I hung it instead,and ladder will go in Western/TV Cowboy/Old Toys-themed laundry room.
I really love the idea of the crib see those all the time on the could cut it down to any size you need.
Ask around on your Freecycle.

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How about an old garden gate or an old sled. The garden gate would be see-thru from the bottom and the wires that form the gate would be perfect to hang things from. The sled would make a great rustic shelf and the runners would also be great for hanging things off of. Or how about an old shutter, you could add hooks and "S" hooks from the bottom. Let us see whatcha do!! blessings-sherri

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I guess i wasnt very specific, I actually want to hang this on the wall, my ceilings are low, so dont have the room for a pot rack from ceiling, I would love one, but just no room,,,but I do appreciate all the ideas,,thanks steph

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The meat rack from an old butcher shop would be cool....some of them (even the reproductions) are quite beautiful!

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How "country primitive" do you want to go? How about those tin chicken coops? I'm not sure how tall these would be though. It would be kinda cool to have the bins that you could put stuff inside. If the top of the coops were not wide enough for the shelf you want, attach the coops to a piece of old wood to make a wider shelf. Perhaps you could put S hooks through the tin to hang pots?

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A friend of mine used an old tool box to store towels in in her bathroom where space was limited. She too decorates in primitive. If you email me I can send you a picture of what the toolbox looks like. She added a shelf inside and mounted it on the wall. You can hang it so you lift the door from the bottom up or the top down. You can use the very top for a shelf and then the inside for more storage.

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