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halley_roseApril 20, 2009

Hi my name is halley and I'm a want to be mosaic-er. I feel like I'm in a meeting here.(lol) A few questions for you experts. I bought a round metal childs table at a garage sale. It's got a round top. What I'd like to do is moscaic a round piece of something else, probably wood and then set it on the table. How would I finish off the sides, that would come down off the top? I'd like to use a mixture of different mediums for tiles, some pieces from broken china plates, and some actual tiles, is there a way I can use different thickness of tiles and still get an even surface? Or is that do much for a newbie. Lastly is there a good video to watch on the net step by step to learn how to do it.


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Big questions. number one-If this will be outdoors dont use wood. No matter how well sealed it will warp and pop off the tiles. If its indoors-no problem.
There are different ways of finishing off the sides, Maybe some can describe it, but its easiest to google images of them and observe the edges in the pics.
I searched around and found some faqs and how to stuff that includes tabletops and tiles of different thicknesses. It can be done and thinset will be your friend. Slow is the resident expert with that stuff. Be sure to post pictures and ask more questions! hope this helps.

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good advice WW! I'll just add that a flat piece can be made of several thicknesses if you use the indirect method or you can just do it direct then coat it with epoxy resin after grouting.

my advice is a net search on indirect and reverse indirect method. several different ways to do it

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Nothing to add here - since I like texture in my work, I use many different levels, and don't ever plan to do anything that NEEDS the resin. I agree w/the above advice from WACKY and NT for your purposes.

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