What you working on?

des_arc_ya_yaAugust 14, 2005

What's your current Trash to Treasure project? I spent FOUR days last week cleaning out the basement. (Yep, it was that bad.) One of the (few) things that I salvaged was an old iron (metal?) wood rack. Think it's gonna become a table to put in front of our livingroom windows. If it stops raining (hope it doesn't - we need it!) I'll post a photo so you guys can give me some ideas on it. Think it's gonna get a coat of black paint and a heavy glass top put on it. DH says smoked glass, but I told him I don't know that I've seen any of that since the 70s! LOL

Tell us about your project. Maybe it'll encourage all of us to get our tails and make some stuff! LOL

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Nothing fancy. I bought a really cheaply made dresser of pressed wood and cardboard like wood from a garage sale a week ago. I didn't notice the weird old wood smell until I brought it home. I cleaned it and spray painted it to lock the smell in. I'm going to decoupage it in newspaper and then sponge paint over that so I have something cute to store school supplies so the kids will quit digging through my scrapbooking stuff.

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I am making a BB for a best friend, gluing marbles. Also working on remaking a brass lamp that I trash picked. It is in pieces so I'm antique-ing it with copper paint and making candle holders. Also I'm trying to collect old suitcases to finish my stacked table. Totem making is a constant pasttime as I collect glass (like florist vases!!!LOL) And finally I'm working on my junk Christmas tree. That should keep me busy . Alice

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I bought 2 glass candle globes at a yard sale for a dollar,came home and made this like one I'd seen in a magazine.I already had the candle and the cast iron griddle.

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making Christmas angels from tampons, link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Tampon Angel Craft

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Well, that tampon angel really takes the cake!! Ha Ha!!!!! Now I've seen everything!

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Oh, my gosh! NOW I know what to use my griddle for at Christmas! LOL Gonna put some greenery and red berries in that hurricane light and stick it on that ol griddle of mine!

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I've been at it with a few things.. trash picked treasures..
Chair that is now a plant stand..notice wire holding legs together at the bottom

Old stool that was going into the fire pit..oh, no says me :0)

Table and chair from the re-use garage at our county landfill

Have many more base coated, waiting to be one stroked :0)


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Oh, my gosh! Your painting is beautiful! Awww...to be so talented. (Ya Ya walkin' off, kickin' toe in the sand....)

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Wow, Gardenlady, I'm so impressed with your painting, too! Beautiful! I don't know which ones I like the most!


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Oh, forgot to say what I'm working on....I'm making a chicken for Janie/little Dani. It's a rooster she's going to make a lamp from for a gift for a friend. I'm pretty impressed with it, too! Lol


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I'm making another glass-on-glass garden window as well as working on bowling balls.

Will post photos soon.

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I have a little doctor's cabinet that I am getting ready to paint. It is metal, has a porcelain top, and is about waist tall with glass in the door, and a shelf. It has a towel bar around three sides of it. Stands on little curved legs. Kind of cute. I saw some in one of Martha Stewart's magazines. Wish I had a tall one, but this is the only one I have been able to find.

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I'm doing glass on glass mosaic on a window again. I had all my windows and doors replaced early this summer and now I have plenty of raw materials (I made them leave the old windows).

The new windows and doors cost me a fortune so I don't know if the "trash" they left behind is great or reallllllllly expensive trash . . . .

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I've been spraypainting a lot of my metal pieces (old three tiered plate rack and standing plate stand) black and pulling out fall stuff to see what I have. Also hitting the goodwill shops and finishing my kitchen. Still looking for old garden stuff.

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon chipping the paint off of a little rolling wire stand with three shelves. I found it sitting on the curb. It had some kind of rubberized paint on it but a lot was chipped off. It was fairly easy to flake off and I am going to paint it and put it in my computer room.
The shelves are just about the size of a dvd case. I don't have that many, but it could hold a few books too. However, I bet the darn little thing didn't sell for $10 brand new...so I don't know if it was worth the work of taking all the paint off. I told myself that it will just look a whole lot cooler painted green than if I got a new one with that white, rubberized paint. Besides, I never buy anything new. I'd rather find a piece of junk or buy something at a yard sale.

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I have a black wrought iron flower pot holder, for a half pot. It has been hanging on my fence in the back yard for years. Yesterday I painted it green and am hanging it in my bath room to hold hand towels. I'm going to hang it on a wooden drawer pull, screwed in the stud of the wall.

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Here's my garden window - stained glass scraps and one of my old house windows.

I just grouted it this morning and am waiting for it to dry to polish and finish up. I'll see if I can get a decent picture of it with some better light behind it.

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WOW! The window is beautiful!!! I've been collecting "stuff" to do some mosaic work, but haven't jumped into it yet :0) The window is sure an inspiration...somewhere, far up the road :0)

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I love that window! Day before yesterday I found a small table sitting by the curb. It is made out of oak, but had a wood fiber top that had stars painted on it. The top was sagging, so I took it over to my friend's house and removed the top. It has a thin little groove for another top...thinking about using hardi plank and covering the top with half marbles. I wish I could do a mosaic...I have bought books on the subject and tools...just haven't jumped in...probably because I can't stand another unfinished project around here.

I need to see if I have enough half marbles to do the top.
If not, I may put some tile on it.

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Geeze, you guys are good! I've been LOL all morning reading this forum. The BB Gazing Balls nearly knocked me off my chair laughing - never dreamed of such a thing. You all are improving my mind!

The dirt here needs so much improvement that I have changed to container gardening 99 44/100% (I have a couple of poke week plants growing between my fence and a neighbor's fence) and have been looking for odd and unusual containers. I found a couple of witches pots (plastic) and have been picking up ceramic rusty-colored clay posts at the landfill's "Too Good To Throw Away" place. I've been painting those with "Patio Paint" and putting them in a cabinet until I get some inspiration about further painting decoration for next spring. Also found some plastic or vinyl window boxes and think I'll try and paint their faded surfaces - see how that works in the sun and rain. Anyone tried this?


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well normally I would over run this with things, more like what are,nt you working on , but kinda at a stand till .
but I started something yesterday , I cleared all the kitchen cabs. out and am going to paint the insides of all the cabs under the sink, in side the doors, and before i,m done I will decoupage pages and cut outs from several old cookbooks on to the inside of one door then seal . it is the basic baking stuff , bicuits, equivelents, etc.
the insides of another open cab. will be cut out flour sacks that look good. also have a lot of blue checkerboard napkins that may go in there, a oil based off white enamel will be the paint (discount bin). reason I started was there were bugs in a cab. and under the sink and I freaked. not roaches but ??? I bleached all of it and bombed them now paint.
plan to start painting living room soon , looking for ideas for cracked ceiling?
hey tech , beautiful work , wow. did you ever try that glue I suggested ??
gardenlady great painting. love the table . kilz is dry it time . Rick

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Rick, around here a few people have used blackboard paint on the inside of a cabinet door everyone can reach. Good place to leave inter-family messages. Seems a little plain vanilla next to what you are doing.


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