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CorrieJanuary 30, 2002

While we're by no means total vegetarians at this time, I've been trying to use less meat in our meals. There are plenty of pasta, bean and casserole types of recipes on this forum, but I'm curious about more "fancy" occaisions. What do you like to serve for a special dinner, say if the boss was coming for supper? corrie

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I might make a more "out of the ordinary" pasta dish, like a stuffed cannelloni. A bean/nut loaf or a nice quiche might do too. Then of course a salad, a hot vegetable dish, bread or rolls, wine, and a nice dessert.


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In those cases, I normally make one of the souffles from either Vegetarian Epicure or Vegetarian Epicure II, both by Anna Thomas. Although they are souffles, they are easy to make and it seems like everyone enjoys them. I usually make the roux an hour or two ahead, have the egg whites ready in the mixing bowl & then about an hour ahead of time, whip the egg whites, mix the stuff together & pop it into the oven. I think people are so impressed that they're being served a souffle, they don't notice they're not eating meat. Plus, it dispels any notion they may have had that every meal I serve has tofu in it. ;-)

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French Vegetarian Feast

Field Mushroom Caviar
Three Layer Vegetable Loaf
Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Saffron Rice
Provencal Vegetable Bake

Mexican Vegetarian Feast

Zucchini & Hominy Soup
Carrot Salsa
Green Chile Enchiladas

Three Cheese Lasagne
another family pleaser: luscious ricotta and mozzarella cheeses between layers of pasta, with fresh herbs, and topped with more cheese and a flavorful marinara sauce
tossed baby greens salad
garlic french bread

Relish plate of sliced vegetables (Crudités); White wine.
An Easy Cheese Hors-d'oeuvre
Pumpkin Soup

Main Course
Home-made bread; Salad; Steamed carrots and green beans; Mashed potatoes; rolls; Bread stuffing; Red wine.
Vegan Bisquits
Vegan Nut Roast with Stuffing à la PeTA
Vegan Gravy
Simple Cranberry Sauce

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa; Champagne.
Vegan Pumpkin Pie
Butter Tarts

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Vegetarian Meatloaf Recipe

1 c Lentils - raw, brown
1/4 c Wheat germ
1 c Breadcrumbs - whole wheat
1/2 c Brown rice
1 Onion - small, minced
3 Eggs
1 c Clove - crushed
1 ts Thyme
1 tb Soy sauce
4 tb Tomato sauce
1 tb Olive oil

Cover lentils with water and cook on a low boil for 1-1/2 hours or until tender. Mash lentils coarsely and combine with remaining ingredients. Pour into well greased loaf pan and bake, covered, at 350 F for 45 minutes. Remove cover and continue to cook for 15 minutes or until loaf is firm to the touch. Serve with your favourite sauce.

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