PDX Dumpster Divers!

obtainerAugust 9, 2004

Anybody here from the Portland area?

Im looking for some people to go dumpster diving with.

Im fairly new and am hoping to meet-up with some veterans.

Please email so we can go on a diving adverture!

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I'm not in the portland area (wish I was), but I am cying of curiosity as to why this topic thread has stayed at the top of the forum list without any responses--its been here for a while---just super curious, is there a secret to be learned here?

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Maybe because it was the latest post.

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Like ellieandethansmom, I've noticed this phenomenon. An unanswered post will sit at the top of the queu while later posts (with responses) stay below. Perhaps it's a built-in mechanism to draw peoples' attention to the unanswered post? Don't know, but it definitely happens, on this and other forums.

Meanwhile, the more puzzling (to me) question at this point is: Are there really NO Portland dumpster divers??? Hope you've found some kindred souls by now, obtainer.

:-) Barbara

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I'm near PDX but I'm not sure I want to be a dumpster diver!

Need more details!!!

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Hi,I had found a regular website for Dumpster divers and lost it.It covered divers from everywhere.Does anyone have it?

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He he he more people checking in over there from here than I would have guessed.Sandy

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Hey, once a junker, always a junker! LOL

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Best thing to do is buy an old rag-bag pickup, get some old raggy clothes, a pair of those white work gloves, don't wash yer face fer a couple days. then go on out and dive by yer-self. Heck, you don't want to have to share yer finds with somebody else, do ya? And, nobody will mess with ya, because they'll think you are as poor as they are!
A bit of advice--go out to Yuppie-ville each day, observe what day is garbage day in each section, then, either go out later in the evening before pickup, or get up with the sun, and you'll beat the G-man!
With the number of cretins cruising, looking to grab kids, i always stop and explain what i'm doing, cruising their neighborhood! I'm the Recycle Man!
by: rustyj
p.s.: Be sure diving is legal in the areas where you go to pick up stuff!
p.p.s. And, don't pick up a lawn mower if it is warm and setting alongside the garbage can! I did, and found out the next week that the owner was using a push mower, and dumping the clippings into a garbage can setting out along the curb! On the night before garbage pickup! OOOOPPPS!

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I just got a pick up and I love it. Can't figure out how to post pics...I followed directions.....waaaaa I want ya to see my junker diving drivin machine.

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