What to wear in NYC for Christmas show?

marciakmDecember 2, 2002

Going to NYC for first time ever. It will be very cold for this S. Texan. What is the appropriate dress for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular? My husband thinks real dressy...I was hoping a Christmas sweater and slacks. Help!

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You are correct. A nice sweater and slacks is very much appropriate. I'm not sure how soon you are going, but right now we are having a cold wave. This week, the high temps are only in the 30's and they are calling for some snow on Thursday. Also, you will want to wear comfortable shoes because walking around the city at Christmas time is the best! I hope you are planning on seeing some of the store windows. It will be very crowded, but fun. Enjoy!

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Thanks for your response. I'm excited about being in NYC for Christmas and will definitely see the store windows and the usual tourist events.
We leave this Friday and will be there for 3 days. The snow sure scares me a bit--we haven't had any snow here for nearly 20 years! I hate to spend too much money to stay warm in NYC; but I want to be comfortable! I appreciate the information!

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I would have responded EXACTLY as Metfan did! You don't need to be real dressy unless you're going to a very special restaurant for dinner. Then, you would want to change into a real dressy outfit.

Remember to keep your head warm, you'll be outside a lot, walking around. You'll need to keep your head and ears covered we sure are having that cold spell Metfan mentioned!

I hope you'll enjoy NYC, its the very nicest place to be during the Holiday season.

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Yes, it seems nearly everything we want to do other than the Christmas show is outside in the cold. Thanks for the suggestion about the head! I forget about those things--I bought a muffler today and some gloves. Guess I had better find something for the ears!

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