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Gingersnaps17May 14, 2014

My contractor installed something similar to the attached photo in my kitchen. I had to go this route (rather than the double container) because my cabinet is only 9" wide. I'd rather have a smaller trash can if it meant I could also have one for recyclables on the same pullout.

Can anyone suggest a way to get both a garbage container and a recycling container into the pullout? It can be one container that's a combination of the two or it can be two containers of non-equal sizes. Otherwise, I'll just use that little space behind the trash can for cleaning products.

The current trash container measures 14.25" (length) by 8.50" (width), with a height of 15". Those 4 inches behind the container may be permanently sectioned off (like a little basket). I will check when I get home.


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Would two of these fit? I just replaced one of the large bins that came with my Rev-a-shelf pullout with one of these to get more storage room. I don't like to accumulate a lot of trash anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea small recycling/trash bins

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You could use that space for trash bags.

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I think at 9" wide it's going to be tough. I have an 18" pullout with two cans. I also have another 15" pullout with one can that we use for compost.

You might want to call Hafele. They have double-can setups, although the smallest one I see on their site is 15". They might be able to custom-order something for you.

Hafele trash can pullouts

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I saw a double at 15, but at 9 -- or 8-1/2", you are getting pretty small and narrow. That IKEA biin looks about as good as anything you might be likely to find, but the 22" depth is going to be tight. You could try them and possibly trim the rim on the front and back sides so they don't stick out as far. Let us know if you try them and whether they work.

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How about 2 paper grocery bags if you don't put wet garbage in there?

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Maybe looking for a bathroom trash can that could fit in the small space behind would work? So you are saying that it's 9" x 4"? To me that's best used for trash bags and then use another drawer or cabinet for a small recycling. Perhaps just your recycling can go under the sink?

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Wow, I'm just impressed you can get a 9" trash pullout. This totally changes my new laundry room layout.

a2g might be on to something. My local PostNet (like a Mailbox Etc.) will bend and paste cardboard boxes to a specific size. With some precise measurements, you might get two long, narrow boxes to fit nice and tight. They would have to be replaced if they got icky--which might be often, depending on how neat your family is. You'd have to use a trash bag in the recycle. But I do that anyway, and swap it over to the trashcan once a week.

Taking it up a notch, if you know anyone who fabricates sheet metal . . . hmm.

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MizLizzie - great idea - the boxes would give structure. Wish I had thought of this idea and could have done much smaller trash pull out!

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Hi, everyone
Now I'm thinking that I might follow firsthouse_mp's suggestion and use the pullout just for recyclables OR garbage (with box of bags behind it), then put the other container (smaller one) under the sink. My space is limited under the sink, as I have two water filters (one for hot and one for cold) under there. But I could fit a bathroom-size trash can. I live in an apartment building, so as it's more of a schlep to the large recycling bins, I'll probably use the larger container for that. The garbage container doesn't have to be as big, as I don't let it accumulate. Thanks, all!

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We always build our own trash/recycling containers to exactly fit whatever size pullout we make.

It's a simple carpentry job, so any cabinet shop can do it from 1/2" ply stock. Make sure they drill some finger holes near the top of each container, and size them 1/4" narrower than the width of your pullout so they can be removed easily.

The custom container makes use of every inch of pullout space without any waste, and gives you the largest container that will fit. No compromises.

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